My L.A. Schedule

Okay, so for my own convenience, if nothing else, I thought I’d better list what I’ll be getting up to in L.A. (that you can come along to, I mean, there also being some rather juicy meetings and dinners with mates).

On Wednesday 12th February, from 6pm, I’ll be signing at Brave New World Comics in Santa Clarita.

On Friday 14th February, at the Gallifrey One convention:

11.30am: I’ll be doing a Kaffeeklatsch.

2.30pm: I’ll be signing in Autograph Alley.

3.30pm: Colour Separation Overlay: a panel about race in Doctor Who. (Program C.)

11.30pm: I’ll be reading Philip Sandifer’s essay on ‘The Three Doctors’.  (Program E.)

On Saturday 15th February:

11am: Geronimo!  A panel about what episodes to show people new to Doctor Who.  (Program D.)

3pm: Doctor Who, The Wilderness Years: seven of us who were there at the time talk about the gap between the old show and the new, moderated by Felicity Kusintz. (Program B.)

4pm: I’ll be signing again.

9pm: This is when the Masquerade begins.  At half time (whenever that may be) I’ll be hosting four celebrity guests for the panel game Just A Minute.  (Program A.)

On Sunday 16th February:

11am: Scientists and Sprained Ankles: A panel about the women of 1960s Doctor Who.  (Program D.)

12pm: I’ll be signing again.

3pm: Deborah Stanish will be interviewing me on stage, specifically about London Falling.  (Program C.)

Phew, well, I did ask them to give me a lot to do.  I’ll also be generally around, happy to sign things and talk about the show.

Before I’m off, there are a few other things of note.  Last week, all those of us involved in the new volume of Wolverine did a press call, as written up here. Various parts of it will, I’m sure, be showing up in comics podcasts in the next few days, and I may well link to any that hove into view.

Speaking of which, you can buy the originals of Ryan Stegman’s art from our first issue here.

And our fabulous inker, Mark Morales did a recent interview about becoming an inker, including some gorgeous samples of his work from our title.

I hope to see quite a few of you in L.A.. Until then, Cheerio!

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