My Worldcon Schedule

I just got back from what proved to be a delightful weekend at the Edinburgh Book Festival, where I made three appearances, did a lot of inteviews and signed a lot of books, and hung out with a lot of friends, mostly in a yurt.  I was also reminded of how much I love Edinburgh.  If any of you guys are able to go the EBF and haven't been, I heartily recommend it.  It's a Festival held inside a single city square, with several purpose-built venues, food places and book shops all put up and taken down.  It works really well, and it filled me with joy and inspiration.

I got back to a lot of cuddles from Tom, and that young man has benefited to the tune of a lot of new picture books.  I don't like leaving him for long stretches of time, but I'm about to go off on another jaunt, because tomorrow I head off to San Antonio for this year's World Science Fiction Convention, at which I'm Toastmaster.  This takes up a lot of my time (so many hours of Masquerade rehearsal!) but I'm nevertheless appearing on a few items...

Thursday 29th August:

2pm: Fantastic London, with Elizabeth Bear, Gail Carriger, David Liss and Gary K. Wolfe.  (Room 007CD.)

3pm: Autographing.

5pm: Opening Ceremonies.  (Ballroom A.)

9pm: Just A Minute, with guests Mur Lafferty, Emma Newman, Connie Willis and Gary K. Wolfe. (Room 006CD.)

Friday 30th August:

Noon: Tor Books.  (I'll be popping in early on, as Tor will be listing their forthcoming releases, including The Severed Streets, but will probably have to leave before they get to it, since they're going in chronological order.)  (007CD.)

6pm: SF Squeecast Live.

Saturday 31st August:

8pm: Masquerade.  (Grand Salon.)

11pm: Drinks With Authors (Ernie's Bar, 320 Bonham, San Antonio, TX 78205.) I'll be getting to that very late, after the Masquerade is over.

Sunday 1st September:

8pm: Hugo Awards.  (Grand Salon.)

Monday 2nd September:

10am: Reading. (Room 007A.)

2pm: Literary Beer.  (Exh A, Literary Beer Area.)

3pm: Closing Ceremonies.  (Ballroom A.)

In other news, just before the Kickstarter ends, triumphantly, because its already funded many times over, I'd like to add my belated pointing finger to this new gizmo of my friend Jerry Belich.  If you like Choose Your Own Adventure books, wouldn't it be interesting if the whole process was... automated?. Do take a look.

I hope to see some of you in San Antonio.  Until then, Cheerio!

The Art of the People

Just popping in to mention that I'm very pleased to have been interviewed by the great Laura Sneddon for her piece about politics in comics in The New Statesman.  She also talks to Stephen Collins and Grant Morrison, and the piece is well worth your time.

I also had a recent chat with the Yatterings blog, specifically about London Falling, and found myself revealing some stuff which may be new to the interested reader.

I hope to see some of you in Edinburgh tomorrow.  Until then, Cheerio!

My Edinburgh International Book Festival Schedule

Just popping in to make plain all the things I'm getting up to in Edinburgh next weekend of which you can be, allowing for geography, a part.  It's a great honour to be invited up to the Festival, and I'm very much looking forward to appearing in both the book strand and the Stripped comics festival.

First of all, on Saturday 24th August, between 8.30pm and 9.30pm, myself and Ben Aaronovitch will be onstage at Pepper's Theatre in a panel chaired by Stuart Kelly.  (Tickets £10/£8.)

Then I'll be heading over to the Guardian Spiegeltent, where, in the latter part of the Illicit Ink and Graphic Scotland: Tales from the Strip event (which ends at 11pm, so I have to get there a bit before then), I'll be speaking a short comic story for my old friend and comic artist Emma Vieceli to draw, live, there and then.  (Admission free, just pop in.)

And finally, on Sunday 25th August, from 7pm to 8pm, I'll be teaming up with John Higgins at the Scottish Power Studio Theatre, to talk about Wolverine and Razorjack, among other things.  (Tickets £10/£8.)

It'll be great to be back in Edinburgh, and to be appearing with such talented people.  I hope to see some of you there.  Until then, Cheerio!

Weekend Catch-Up

I had an enjoyable Forbidden Planet signing midweek, with lots of people popping in to get both the US and UK editions of Wolverine: Hunting Season signed.  This was my only time off from a rather demanding schedule at the moment.  I'm revising the new Shadow Police novel, The Severed Streets, to my editor's (wonderful) notes, in the mornings, and looking after Tom in the afternoons.  So everything else gets done at the weekends.  This includes preparing for Worldcon.  There will be Just A Minute, but I don't have all my guests yet, so later for my schedule for that and next week for a reminder of what I'll be doing at the Edinburgh Book Festival.

The first thing I should say is that, to my surprise, I've been given an award!  The lovely Nine Worlds convention (which impressed me enormously), held their Geekfest Awards on their final evening (sadly, after I had to leave), and I was honoured with 'Best London-Based Fantasy/SF Novel' for London Falling, which is a great thing, and thank you very much.  Mention of it is included in their post-match press release. The awesome Madeleine Beresford also produced a spot-on summing-up of the event, including a mention of yours truly, for my publishers, Tor.

There's a Worldcon event that I'd like to publicise.  I'll be hosting the Masquerade on the Saturday night at San Antonio, but if I wasn't, I'd be joining in the frolics here...

With a whole bunch of my favourite people, door prizes and cheap drinks!  Hmm, I wonder if I can get there after the Masquerade...?

And finally, with our big 'Killable' arc starting in Wolverine this week (with #8), I talked to CBR about all things Logan.  I'm loving the response to this arc, and I think #9 is our best issue so far.  It all leads to something enormous in #13.

Okay, back to work I go.  Until next time, Cheerio!

Wolverine Week

I had an absolutely wonderful time at the Nine Worlds convention near Heathrow.  There was a great feeling about the event, with a young, diverse audience, and a sense of excitement at all the different kinds of fandom being brought together.  Old convention hands were surprised that, during timetabled events, the bar was somewhat deserted.  Everyone was in the panels!  The books and feminism tracks, among those I attended, saw their rooms regularly packed to standing room only, and seemed very well organised (though I heard that some other tracks weren't so sorted).  I very much enjoyed chairing Just A Minute (won by Gary Russell), opening the books track with a spirited session about character deaths including the wonderful Zen Cho (we gave away cake), discussing the accessibility of geek spaces with the great Laurie Penny and introducing a prose slam of eight new authors reading five minutes each of their work.  The microphone-free delivery of Snorri Kristjansson was a particular highlight.  And there were some fab bar evenings where my fandoms collided while and a xenomorph cruised the crowded disco.  For a first attempt, it was simply outstanding, and the organisers are planning to stay in the same place, with the same team, and build institutional memory.  I'll be cheering them on.

Now, this week sees three Wolverine-related events.  Firstly, the latest issue, #8, is out on Wednesday, and is the start of our big new arc, 'Killable', the end of which will see some enormous changes in Wolverine's life.  You can see a preview of the first three pages of lovely Alan Davis art, and see our two variant covers here.

Secondly, on that same day, Hunting Season, our first paperback collection, comes out.  Check it out on Amazon here.

And finally, I'll be signing both these items between 6pm and 7pm this Wednesday, 14th August, at London's Forbidden Planet.  You can see all the details here.

There's something else I'd like to mention today.  My old friend, the Doctor Who writer Jacqueline Rayner, has a new book out, Can I Tell You About ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It's a guide for friends, family and professionals about this debilitating condition which is still not universally recognised.  Needless to say, it's well worth your time.

I hope I'll see some of you on Wednesday.  Until then, Cheerio!

My Nine Worlds Schedule/The Day the Earth Caught Fire

I'm very much looking forward to the Nine Worlds convention near Heathrow, starting tomorrow.  I'm popping in and out, because we don't live very far away, and Tom needs looking after while Caroline works, but I'll be there for long stretches of fun.  You can see what panels I'm on here. Of those, 'Inclusiveness in Geek Spaces' looks like it's going to be an interesting exploration of particularly gender issues in fandom, something Nine Worlds is leading on.  My guests on Just a Minute this time will be Helen Keen, Gary Russell, Adrian Tchaikovsky and one more I haven't yet confirmed.  And the late night Slam session, where each of nine authors gets five minutes to read, looks exciting.  I'm your host, and the authors are: Catherine Banner; Zen Cho; Laure Eve; Benedict Jacka; Francis Knight; Snorri Kristjansson; Den Patrick; Tom Pollock and Tade Thompson.

The second volume of Saucer Country, 'The Reticulan Candidate' should be in your comic stores and book shops now.

And I have a date for your diary later this year: on 10th September at 7.45pm, at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, I'll be joining a panel of experts for SF Film Night at the European Planetary Space Congress.  We'll be introducing, screening and talking about The Day the Earth Caught Fire, a British SF classic from 1961.  (And one of my favourites.)  You can find all the details here and book tickets (£5) here.

I hope to see some of you at either of the above.  Until then, Cheerio!