More Wolverine and London Falling Freebies!

The news just keeps coming at the moment, with interviews about Wolverine: Killable, and the publication of London Falling in the USA happening at the same time.  This is great for me, but I hope we haven't bored you.

Today there's a large interview with me about Killable, conducted by Newsarama's Albert Ching.  I get quite emotionally involved in that one.

There's a new interview with me about London Falling at Fantasy Literature.  And another at Fantasy Book Addict.

And you can win a copy at both Drey's Library and Fantasy and Sci-Fi Lovin' Reviews.

There'll be a few more in the next few days.  Until then, Cheerio!

Wolverine: Killable

Just got back from a lovely weekend at the C2E2 convention in Chicago.  I met a ton of great people, signed   things almost continually, and was really pretty damn mature (old) about getting to bed at a decent hour on two out of the three nights.  (On the other one, I was up until 4am with John Scalzi.)  I was on two panels, Dredd and Beyond (liveblog of which under the link), which was a jolly amble through 2000AD's past and present, and a Marvel X-Men panel, which featured editor Jordan D. White playing the X-Men cartoon theme on his ukulele and getting the audience to sing along, me showing the crowd my Alan Davis-drawn socks, and... this huge thing being announced...

That's the cover (by Alan) to Wolverine #7, the prologue to a six-issue arc that'll change everything about Logan, those changes being reflected right across the Marvel Universe.

It's called 'killable'.  And that's all I'm going to say about what that might or might not mean.

What I can say is: it's a revenge story, a tragedy that gets more and more intense, like a dark Western.  Long-term Wolverine villain Sabretooth is at the heart of it.  We're going to take Logan for a walk into the valley of death, with Kitty Pryde at his side.  A number of other characters from Logan's life appear along the way.

I pitched the idea to my editor, Jeanine, thinking Marvel probably wouldn't go with anything so huge.  She took it to the Marvel retreat, and, to my delight, they liked what they heard and went with us.  It all starts with an enormous happening at the end of #6.

There are reports and commentary on the panel from iFanboy, Oh! and CBR, and I've done quite a big interview about the arc for Marvel's own website. I couldn't be more proud and excited.  The first few issues of Wolverine are designed to be new reader-friendly; hop on now, and we'll take you on a ride to the heart of the Marvel Universe.

In the meantime, guest blog posts and giveaways continue to come in following the release of my urban fantasy novel London Falling in the USA, the latest being at Dark Faerie Tales, where I talk about the mythology of the book and you can win a copy. And I wouldn't be human if I didn't link to this brilliant review at USA Today. And I'm interviewed about the book, my comics work and Doctor Who at Suicide Girls.

It's great to be back home, and to have taken Tom out on his walk and fed him lunch and dinner today.  Loads of great stuff is happening to me at once, both in terms of work and home, and I don't take that at all for granted.  Thanks, audience!  And until the next time, Cheerio!

My C2E2 Schedule

First up, in London Falling related news, there's a new interview and giveaway up at Urban Fantasy Investigations.  Quite a few more of these will be coming your way next week.

And a new episode of The SF Squeecast has been released, this one guest starring the magnificent Cherie Priest.

Meanwhile, I'm off in the early hours to Chicago for the enormous convention they call C2E2.  So while I get the chance I thought I'd best share with you my schedule.

I'll be spending most of daytime on 26-28th April at table T8, talking to anyone that drops by, happy to sign anything, giving away free comics.  (There'll be an official Hero Alliance tip jar on the table, so if you'd like you can contribute to the charity that helps out comics professionals in financial and/or health difficulties.)  


10am-Noon: at my table.  (I think the first hour is professionals only.)
Noon-1pm: signing at the Marvel Booth.
2.30pm-7pm: at my table.  (Okay, I might need to find the bathroom at some point.)
7.45pm: 2000AD Panel. Room W471.


11am-Noon: signing at the Marvel Booth.
Noon-1pm: at my table.
2pm-6pm: at my table.
6pm-7pm: hosting Giveaway Hour at the Marvel Booth.  (I'll be chucking copies of Wolverine into the crowd and giving a few hints of where we're going with that.  It'll be good fun.)


10am -12.45pm: at my table.
12.45pm: X-Men Panel.  Room W474.  If you're a Wolverine fan you'll want to be there, for a major announcement concerning an upcoming arc.
2pm-5pm: at my table.

Phew, I'm going to be exhausted at the end of all that.  I hope I'll see some of you there.  In the meantime, Cheerio!

Two Podcasts

I've become involved in two excellent podcasts this week, in different ways.  Firstly, I took the insane step of sponsoring the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, which I've been listening to every week for years.  It's a simple format: the crew take it in turns to pick and review at length their favourite comic that came out that week.  But the professionalism and personality of the presenters are what make it great.  I did it mostly because I wanted to be involved, and a little because it meant I could give Conor a paragraph to read out.  He didn't quite rise to the bait, as you'll find out if you listen here. The link the guys read out just takes you to what's behind the cover to the top right of this site: an Amazon site that donates a little finding fee to iFanboy every time it's used to buy a copy.  It costs you, the purchaser, nothing at all.

And secondly, I was interviewed on The Skiffy and Fanty Show, which is a fun, but surprisingly in-depth wander through genre, and I think I had some rather deep stuff pried gently out of me.  It's always worth a listen.  We concentrate on London Falling, but we tackle a few points of Doctor Who history too.

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be able to tell you exactly what I'm going to get up to at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend.  And I'm waiting on a handful of London Falling guest posts that haven't appeared yet.  Until them, Cheerio!

London Falling in the USA: Day Four!

It keeps going, doesn't it?  There are once again new London Falling US release celebrations, and it is my duty and my joy to let you know about all of them.

I've done a guest post at Book Chick City, talking about my Top Ten Stories Set in London.

I wouldn't normally link to positive reviews about my own stuff, but the insight of this feature piece on London Falling by Paul Di Filippo at the Barnes and Noble blog really impressed me.

And my book has sponsored a very popular podcast that I'm a fan of.  You'll find out which one on Monday.  I have taken great delight in making the team say exactly what I want them to...

In other news, on 5th May at 12.30, I'll be appearing with J.T. Colgan, Terrance Dicks and Tommy Donbavand on a panel at the Sci-Fi London film festival, where we'll be talking about Doctor Who in prose and what it's like either dipping into that franchise having been a success outside it, or moving on from it.  There'll also be a panel about Who comics, and a screening of Doctor Who and the Daleks!

And today's Girl Genius web comic, on the subject of the Hugo graphic story nominations was, I think, both gracious and charming. And was much appreciated at this end.

Until Monday, then, Cheerio!

London Falling in the USA: Day Three!

Told you there'd be loads of these!  We're rolling out blog guest appearances and giveaways across the next few days, all to celebrate the US release of London Falling.  Hit the cover image on the right margin to get the lovely hardback or ebook from Amazon, or, if you want your ebook DRM-free (so you can move it between the devices you own), take a look at Macmillan's site.

Today we have two giveaways for you (hmm, will there be any copies left to sell?)

First up is a comment thread contest at Pink Raygun.  (What a great name for a site.)

And secondly, there's an interview with me and giveaway at No More Grumpy Bookseller.  (A site whose name nods towards a whole unseen backstory.)

In other news, SF Signal are holding one of their regular book cover smackdowns, this one being a contest between three covers from originals that'll be available next month, one of which is John Picacio's excellent design for my new Wild Cards story 'The Elephant in the Room'.  Go and give John some voter love!

And finally, Marvel AR have released a video of me commenting on the ending to Wolverine #2 ...  (SPOILERS!)

With loads of lovely Alan Davis art, too!

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow with more London Falling stuff!  Until then, Cheerio!

London Falling in the USA: Day Two!

Like I said, there are going to be blog guest posts, giveaways and such for the next few days, all centering around the fact that London Falling has just been published in the US!

I'm very flattered that Mary Robinette Kowal had me over to be a guest on her blog, to talk about my favourite bit of the book.  There's quite a long excerpt there too, if you want a taster.  And she says some very kind things about me.  She's one of my favourite people also.

And the Layers of Thought blog is doing a giveaway of a copy of the book, to one lucky reader.

While I've got your attention, and nothing to do with the book, I'd like to recommend the website Daleks Da Vinci, which is mainly a gallery of the model work of Dalek fan Julian Vince.  It's excellent stuff from someone who was a big name in Doctor Who fandom back in the day, and is seeking to return to the fold.

Okay, more tomorrow!  In the meantime, Cheerio!

London Falling is out in the US, and you can Win a Copy!

It's been a long wait for some of you I know, and thanks for keeping your interest going these many months. Today, my first urban fantasy novel, London Falling, is out in the USA, both as a hardback and an ebook.  (Which you get DRM-free, and thus move it between all devices you own, if you buy it direct from the publishers.)

The next few days will see a flurry of guest blogs, interviews and giveaways, and I'll do my best to sum them all up here.  To begin, John Scalzi has been kind enough to give me space to talk about the book in his The Big Idea segment of the Whatever blog.

And you can read a post from me about the journey from Doctor Who to urban fantasy, and get a chance to win a copy of the book, over at All Things Urban Fantasy.

And I've answered six randomly-chosen questions in CBR's Robot Roulette feature.

I'll blog again tomorrow with more features and giveaways.  Until then, American audience, I hope you're enjoying the book!  Cheerio!

Wolverine #2 and the last Saucer Country... for now!

In your comic shops today, and available digitally around teatime, are the second issue of my Wolverine run (with a big surprise at the end) and the last issue of this Vertigo volume of Saucer Country (with a big climax). You can see some preview pages from the latter here. And our wonderful artist Ryan Kelly is selling some original art from the series here.

I had been meaning to do a writer's commentary on every issue of Wolverine, but as it turns out, I just don't have the time, so I'll be restricting that to the first issue of every arc.  (So the next one will be #5.)  Things have recently gotten very interesting and high-pressure in terms of writing that title.  (In a very good way, creating much excitement for yours truly.)  Suffice it to say, if you're not onboard right now, you may want to catch up.  Major changes, major universe-shaking stuff, ahead.  And it's really making me work hard to make the most of such an opportunity.

Here's the variant cover for Wolverine #2, which is by Mike Deodato...

In other matters, someone was taking video at the launch of Solaris Rising 2 the other day, so here I am answering questions, with editor Ian Whates, and fellow contributors Martin Sketchley, James Lovegrove, Mercurio D. Rivera and Adrian Tchaikovsky...

And my friend the ornithologist Sharon Stitler has a new book out soon, 1001 Secrets Every Birder Should Know (introduction by Bill Oddie!), for which she has prepared this very silly trailer, in which appear me and Tom!

Okay, back to the comics writing I go!  Until next time, Cheerio!

Cygnus Alpha Revisited

Those of you in the South West of England, or indeed, those from further afield, might want to pop in to Phonicon in Exeter, this Sunday (April 7th).  Apart from an interesting range of guests (including Gary Russell , Simon Guerrier and, erm, Tom Baker... no, not that one, this one), this convention is the only place I know of that will be selling a much-delayed new issue of the fanzine Cygnus Alpha.  I'm telling you this because CA was where my very first piece of fiction was printed, editor Paul West being the first person to take a punt on my prose.  The new issue of Cygnus Alpha is reprinting the story, a Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan piece which I haven't dared read again, but to which I have provided a tiny intro.  If you read it, well, I'm terribly sorry.

Out this month is the new Bernice Summerfield box set, New Frontiers, with stories by Xanna Eve Chown, Alexander Vlahos and Gary Russell, and I heartily commend it to you.

And Wolverine #2 is out next Wednesday (as is the season finale of Saucer Country).  I'll be blogging my writer's notes on the day, but in the meantime, check out this preview with three pages of gorgeous Alan Davis art. Enormous things are going to be happening in this title, and it all starts at the end of this issue.  Cheerio!

Saucer Country is Hugo Nominated!

I'm back from Eastercon, which was lovely, but, as always, tiring.  I finally won a point in one of Lee Harris' flash fiction contests, saw Doctor Who with hundreds of laughing, cheering people, did all right at presenting the BSFA Awards, and helped announced this year's Hugos... which included two nominations for things in which I have a part!

The SF Squeecast was again nominated for Best Fancast, which is of course very satisfying, but my greatest delight is reserved for the fact that... Saucer Country got onto the Best Graphic Story shortlist!  The nomination is for the first trade paperback, so I share it with not only Ryan Kelly, but also Jimmy Broxton and Goran Sud┼żuka.

Thanks to the kind offices of editor Will Dennis, an e-book of the whole volume will be included in the electronic Voter Packet, sent out to people who've registered for this year's Worldcon in Texas, and can thus vote.  We're up against Grandville, Locke & Key, Saga and Schlock Mercenary, so it's a tough category, but I actually think we have a chance.  So, an enormous thank you everyone that nominated us.  It's tremendously satisfying that, just as Vertigo cancelled us, we've received this honour, and it should add impetus to our return next year.

You can see a list of this year's Hugo nominees here, and if you're thinking that $60 sounds cheap for a Supporting Membership that will get you e-books of (probably) everything that's in print on that nominee list, plus the right to vote in the Hugos, then you can find that deal here.

And just a reminder that on Wednesday, at 6.30pm, I'll be joining a number of my fellow contributors at Waterstones Gower Street in London to sign copies of the new Solaris Rising 2 anthology.

Until next time, thanks again, and Cheerio!