Thought Bubble

Tom's started sleeping a little better, but Caroline's got tonsilitis, which means that for the last few days I've been looking after both of them, and fitting in work and sleep wherever I can.  The diagnosis took some of the pressure off, because we'd been worried it was glandular fever, and now Caroline's on antibiotics, so the end is in sight.  But bloody hell, this rather horrible year continues to be an obstacle course.

However, by Friday, Caroline should be up for her planned trip to take Tom to visit his Grandparents, so I get to go to a convention, that being the wonderful Thought Bubble in Leeds.  It's always welcoming and fun, and I get to be on a Marvel panel (because there's a woman, Kelly Sue DeConnick no less, on it) at 4.50pm on the Saturday, and signing at Table A in the Royal Armouries Hall from 12.20pm to 1.50pm on both the Saturday and Sunday.

I will, I should think, be rushing back to someone's hotel room to watch Doctor Who, hopefully with snacks and beer.  I will not, hopefully, be getting into any grief of any kind, which is my rule for which conventions I go to from now on: is there a reasonable expectation of me having fun?  The answer in terms of Thought Bubble is indeed yes, and I will try to make myself available to the audience as much as possible.

Speaking of Doctor Who, here's a date for your diary in this busiest of celebratory weeks: on November 27th at 7pm, at The Artillery Arms in London, this month's BSFA Meeting features Tom Spilsbury and Peter Ware of Doctor Who Magazine being interviewed by Graham Sleight. These monthly get togethers are always great fun, with beer and an SF writer guest, and this one promises to be crowded, so get there earlier.  It's free.  I'll mention it again nearer the time.

And finally, in first Spanish and then English, here's a new interview with me about Saucer Country. We've been attracting a Spanish-speaking audience to the title lately, thanks to some handsome editions in that language, and it was great to talk directly to them.

I hope to see some of you this weekend.  Until then, Cheerio!

2 Response to "Thought Bubble"

  • Unknown Says:

    I know whereof you speak. I work at home (IT professional a couple thousand miles from the main office), so when the little girl (5) is sick, I'm the one care falls to.

    We had quite the run of tonsillitis--just had hers removed last week and been in recovery ever since. I know it's not the common operation it was at one point, but after six months of strep, colds and finally apnea, we had to go old school.

    Anyhow, so here's to the 'stay at home, but working dads.'

    Take care.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That sounds much worse than what we went through. Hope she's feeling better now.