The Discontinuity Guide is Coming... as an Ebook!

I'm very pleased to announce that four of the reference books I wrote with my friends Martin Day and Keith Topping are coming out in ebook form, and in a very special format.

On October 31st, The Discontinuity Guide, our guidebook to classic Doctor Who, first published in 1995, will appear, along with its three stable mates, as part of the Gollancz ebook range, sharing the iconic (virtual) yellow dust jacket with an enormous number of classic titles.  Those striking covers to what continues to be a vital line of modern SF and fantasy led me to so much wonder as a child, so it's a particular honour to be part of that list.

The Guide hasn't been updated, apart from pruning a handful of typos.  It includes the introductions from both physical editions, by Terrance Dicks and Lou Anders.

Our other books coming out on the same day are: The Avengers Dossier (John Steed and all his partners); The New Trek Programme Guide (all of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the first two seasons of Deep Space Nine) and X-Treme Possibilities (our insanely detailed attempt to make sense of the first five seasons of The X-Files).

They're all quite eccentric books, with a lot of opinion and spice.  They're often credited with starting the modern wave of episode guides, and our style, of dividing episodes into recurring concepts using headings, was much copied.  I also like to think that The Discontinuity Guide, or perhaps arguing with it, set off a wave of commentaries that took a new look at Doctor Who which continues to this day.

Our lovely editor, Marcus Gipps, talks about the books here.

This release is one of three things I talk about (the other two being Scream of the Shalka and The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who) on this week's edition of the Doctor Who podcast Radio Free Skaro.  It was a pleasure to give them an exclusive.  I was exhausted when I recorded the interview, and I think I come over as a bit of a gibbering wreck, but I was expertly guided through it.

I'll be blogging again soon with all sorts of other stuff.  But I thought it was important to get this out there.  Until then, Cheerio!

3 Response to "The Discontinuity Guide is Coming... as an Ebook!"

  • Graeme Says:

    Our episode guide to Who is the Doctor and our new book Who's 50 (the latter of which shares the interview spotlight on this week's Radio Free Skaro) owe a tremendous debt to the Discontinuity Guide for their very existence, something Robert and myself have stated publicly for long time. Indeed, we did Who is the Doctor mostly to have a guide with the tone and thoughtfulness the Discontinuity Guide for the New Series. We also recommend the Discontinuity Guide in our recommended reading in Who's 50 (and refer to it a few times) and we'll update for the Gollancz eBook in any future editions!

  • Anonymous Says:

    The Discontinuity Guide is a brilliant book and I read it over and over until it was almost falling apart. Still have it on my shelf alongside 'The New Trek Programme Guide' and 'X-Treme Possibilities' (only just realised they were written by the same people). I cannot describe enough how much I loved those books without being over dramatic. Not noticed books of this calibre in recent years which tend to focus on glossy photographs. Thank you for hours of fun.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Graeme, that's good to hear. And thank you, Martin.