Home at Last

I've been back from Worldcon for a few days now.  I'm still exhausted.  Being Toastmaster in San Antonio was a great honour, but very tiring.  The organisers of LoneStarCon3 were lovely people, fun to work with, and they took wonderful care of me.

It was a pleasure to meet Gail Carriger, Tobias Buckell, Charlaine Harris (in a lift!) and Kim Stanley Robinson (who bounded up to us and sat down to chat to us complete strangers when we were exhausted at the end of the weekend).  'We' in this case were usually Lee Harris, Emma Newman, some combination of L.M. Myles and Deborah Stanish and myself.  Thanks to those guys for taking care of me too.  I got to chat to David Brin at length, when I was taken out to dinner with a number of the great and good of 1980s SF. I enjoyed a Wild Cards lunch and a Random Penguin party.  I got to deliver an even shorter Hugo acceptance speech than last time when my friends and I won for The SF Squeecast (just a thumbs up).  The contestants on Just A Minute (Emma, Connie Willis, Gary K. Wolfe and Mur Lafferty) pleased the audience hugely, with Mur winning.  The live Squeecast was fun too, with Howard Tayler guesting.  And I did a useful panel with a number of fellow London fantasy writers.  You can see my presentation of the Hugo Awards, across several different videos, here.

It's great to be home, though.  Tom changed tangibly in the week I was away, and those are moments that aren't going to come round again.  A few things important enough to mention came up while I was away, so I thought I'd better blog about them as always.  The days when I had the time for a proper convention report are long gone.

The first thing to mention is that on Tuesday, September 10th, I'll be part of a panel talking about and introducing the classic SF movie The Day the Earth Caught Fire, at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London. Do come along, if you're free.

While I was at the Edinburgh Book Festival, I talked to journalist Nicola Love about all manner of things, including Wolverine and the novels and she's made an excellent piece out of it.

Speaking of Wolverine, #9 is out next Wednesday.  I think it's our best issue yet, and you can see the first couple of pages of lovely Alan Davis artwork here.

The author and linguist Lawrence M. Schoen was kind enough to ask me to contribute to the Eating Authors feature on his blog, where he gets writers to talk about their favourite meals.

2000AD Presents: Sci-Fi Thrillers is a collection of disparate work from the comic and its sister title, the Megazine, due out in December.  It includes XTNCT by D'Israeli and myself, and here's the lovely cover by Mike Perkins.

(Or you can find Mike on Facebook for more of the same.)

Another great British comicker is Lee Sullivan, and he's recently blogged about the process behind his earliest designs for my character Bernice Summerfield.  You can also buy a print of his iconic cover to Love and War.  Do take a look; he remembers far more than I do!

My wife, the Rev. Caroline Symcox, having a foot in both camps, is due to be the keynote speaker at The University of Manchester's Religion and Doctor Who Day, an academic conference which is free to attend, but, for which, with places very limited, booking is required.  She will, of course, be amazing.

To end on a scary (if personally very pleasing) note, Jan Doncom prepared a Mora Losley (from London Falling) costume for the Melksham Comic Con, including a creepy mobile newel post.  Emma Vieceli took this photo of the whole thing...

Eeek!  But how wonderful to have novel-related cosplay!  If anyone else wants to have a go, your photos are always welcome.

Phew, that's that.  I've got a busy week ahead of novel rewriting, comic plotting and Tom wrangling.  I hope to see some of you on Tuesday night.  Until then, Cheerio!

3 Response to "Home at Last"

  • Neil Says:

    From the LoneStarCon website: "LoneStarCon 3 has retained the master data for the broadcast and we expect to upload this within 1-2 weeks to enable fans around the world to appreciate the ceremony in full." So, we'll have the whole thing in one video soon.

    What I saw streaming live was very entertaining and I'm looking forward to seeing it all. Thanks for doing a great job.

  • Kevin Roche Says:

    Paul --

    It was so much fun to get to see you again, we've missed you!

    I'm also glad that you received the prank we pulled on you at the Masquerade as the act of affection it was intended to be.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at Gallifrey next year.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. Looking forward to seeing you guys at Gally too. Cheers.