My Worldcon Schedule

I just got back from what proved to be a delightful weekend at the Edinburgh Book Festival, where I made three appearances, did a lot of inteviews and signed a lot of books, and hung out with a lot of friends, mostly in a yurt.  I was also reminded of how much I love Edinburgh.  If any of you guys are able to go the EBF and haven't been, I heartily recommend it.  It's a Festival held inside a single city square, with several purpose-built venues, food places and book shops all put up and taken down.  It works really well, and it filled me with joy and inspiration.

I got back to a lot of cuddles from Tom, and that young man has benefited to the tune of a lot of new picture books.  I don't like leaving him for long stretches of time, but I'm about to go off on another jaunt, because tomorrow I head off to San Antonio for this year's World Science Fiction Convention, at which I'm Toastmaster.  This takes up a lot of my time (so many hours of Masquerade rehearsal!) but I'm nevertheless appearing on a few items...

Thursday 29th August:

2pm: Fantastic London, with Elizabeth Bear, Gail Carriger, David Liss and Gary K. Wolfe.  (Room 007CD.)

3pm: Autographing.

5pm: Opening Ceremonies.  (Ballroom A.)

9pm: Just A Minute, with guests Mur Lafferty, Emma Newman, Connie Willis and Gary K. Wolfe. (Room 006CD.)

Friday 30th August:

Noon: Tor Books.  (I'll be popping in early on, as Tor will be listing their forthcoming releases, including The Severed Streets, but will probably have to leave before they get to it, since they're going in chronological order.)  (007CD.)

6pm: SF Squeecast Live.

Saturday 31st August:

8pm: Masquerade.  (Grand Salon.)

11pm: Drinks With Authors (Ernie's Bar, 320 Bonham, San Antonio, TX 78205.) I'll be getting to that very late, after the Masquerade is over.

Sunday 1st September:

8pm: Hugo Awards.  (Grand Salon.)

Monday 2nd September:

10am: Reading. (Room 007A.)

2pm: Literary Beer.  (Exh A, Literary Beer Area.)

3pm: Closing Ceremonies.  (Ballroom A.)

In other news, just before the Kickstarter ends, triumphantly, because its already funded many times over, I'd like to add my belated pointing finger to this new gizmo of my friend Jerry Belich.  If you like Choose Your Own Adventure books, wouldn't it be interesting if the whole process was... automated?. Do take a look.

I hope to see some of you in San Antonio.  Until then, Cheerio!

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