The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who

The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who is the name of my forthcoming one-off Doctor Who comic from IDW, drawn by an artist I've had the pleasure of working with on many previous occasions, Jimmy Broxton.  Here's his lovely cover...

It's my anniversary celebration of the series that's formed the central thread of my career, the reason I started writing, the reason I've got to where I am.  I realised a few months ago that I had one last Who tale left to tell, and this is it, my farewell to the 11th Doctor, to be released just when he leaves us, in Christmas week.  It's the story of the Doctor landing in our world, the real world, finding himself to be a well known fictional character and encountering, well, lots of things, but notably Matt Smith.

I hope it reads like an episode. It's a 40 page story, and the issue is even bigger than that, including back-up strips I'm not yet able to mention.  (I'm writing this before San Diego Comic Con, this blog post to be automatically activated after the IDW panel on which this is going to be announced.  So I, erm, hope that worked.  Otherwise you're reading this before the panel, and I'm about to get yelled at from onstage.)

Here are the first two pages, hot off the press from Jimmy... That's an Andy Warhol painting the Doctor's looking at.

Very atmospheric, I hope you'll agree.

The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who will be out in the week of Christmas, and will retail at $7.99 in the US, but will also be available digitally, in British comic shops and by mail order.  I hope you like it.  Cheerio!

16 Response to "The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who"

  • Pete France Says:

    Lovely! The Andy Warhol print as mentioned in the novelisation of "Scream of the Shalka". Fresh in the memory as I finished reading it today! :-)

  • heatherfeather Says:

    Paul-I'm so happy see you writing for DW 50th. It's been awhile and I always liked your Christmas Who stories for Ten. Hard to believe that the show is still going strong & has worldwide popularity.

    Will your comic be available on Kindle?

  • Paul Weimer Says:

    Awesome news, Paul. Lovely cover, lovely idea!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Pete: indeed! Heather: it'll be available through the Comixology app, which I believe one can get at least on the Kindle Fire. Thanks Paul!

  • Claude Says:

    Is there possibly a Richard Piers Rayner strip in the book?

  • Mefinx Says:

    This looks like a great read. Looking forward to it (BTW, was a little disappointed that they didn't pick Human Nature/FoB as the BFI Tenth Doctor episode.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, you two. Claude: I don't yet know what the back up material is. It's possible.

  • Emmanuel Peudon Says:

    The pitch seems awesome!

    Does the Angy Warhol print is here to confirm the "John Hurt Doctor" comes between 8 and 9 ?

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hmm... I see a grayed out silhouette between 8 and 9... that's another tick in the column for "John Hurt is 8.5".

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    You've both seen that, eh?

  • The Illustrious Grand Pooka Says:

    Paul, your writing kept DW afloat in leaner years and has been some of the scintillating jewelry of the new series. I've kept every novel. Selfish of me to say so, and I am indeed very, very pleased to know of your literary success, but oh how I wish there were more DW tales you would tell!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Seems the BBC are using the comics to prime us for the John Hurt storyline. There's another hint in this direction in Andy Diggle's Sky Jacks.

  • Elaine J Jackson Says:

    I'm not much into comic strips generally, but I really like the sound of this story. I'll look out for it!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Maybe the silhouette is the Shalka Doctor?

  • Anonymous Says:

    Maybe John Hurt IS the Shalka Doctor?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Hee hee hee!