My Comic Con Schedule

Tomorrow I fly off to San Diego Comic Con.  Which will be nice, because, apart from anything else, then I'll be back in the time zone my body thinks it should be in.  Tom is staying put this time, which is good because he now seems to have settled back into knowing when bedtime is.

I'm making many public appearances at SDCC this year.  Here's where you can find me.


Thursday 18th July, 1pm, Marvel Booth (#2329).
Friday 19th  July, 2pm, Tor Booth (#2707).
Saturday 20th July, Noon, Marvel Booth.
Sunday 21st July, 11am, Marvel Booth.


Thursday 18th July, 1pm, Room 28DE, Gender in Comic Books, with the editor of Knight and Squire, Janelle Asselin, Boom! editor Dafna Pleban and many more, in a discussion moderated by Prof. Christina Blanch.

Saturday 20th July, 8pm, Room 9, World Building and Story Development, where a group of urban fantasy writers, including some famous names, talk about how we do the aforementioned in the pages of novels.

Sunday 21st July, 12.30pm, Room 6DE, X-Men, with my Wolverine editor Jeanine Schaefer, Brian Michael Bendis, Gerry Duggan and many more.

Special Events:

Thursday 18th July, 5pm, Vela Restaurant, behind the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, The Blank Page Project.  This is a two hour catered event, free to enter, from Comixology.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner will be hosting as creators fill an 8 x 12 foot blank comic page with art.  I'm one of those creators, and I'll just be writing something pithy in the corner.  You don't want to see my drawings.  The enormous page will then be auctioned off, the proceeds going to a charity close to my heart, The Hero Initiative.

Before the end of the convention, Friday, Hero Initiative Booth (#5003).  I'm taking part in a CGC Signature Series Signing Event at SDCC, again to benefit the Hero Initiative, and if you want to get a comic signed by me in that particular way at the show, your only chance now is to get to the Hero booth by the end of Friday.


I might pop along to the first hour of the iFanboy party at the Andaz...

And the same night I might make it to the Boom! Studios party late.

But, and this is huge, there's also another panel I'll be in the front row for (because it's an all-male panel and thus I won't be on it), and not saying anything at (because if I said anything it'd just be doing the panel from a slightly different geographical location and me not being on it would be a moot point), where a new project of mine will be announced.  I won't say what day that'll be, because I don't want to give away any clues, but I will say that it's a comics project, that it's a one-off issue, and that I'm very excited.  A new blog post specifically about that should spring up here as soon as the panel's finished.  Hopefully.  If I've figured out the Blogger timing feature.

I'm also, of course, doing many meetings and lunches and breakfasts and socialising to an insane degree.  'Remember to stay hydrated this time,' said Caroline.  'Don't come back like you did last year, looking like a pickled walnut.'  I hope to see some of you there.  I'll be the pickled walnut.  Until then, Cheerio!

3 Response to "My Comic Con Schedule"

  • Claude Says:

    Ahhh....My friend,Dave phoned me from your table to let me know he'd picked up a copy of LONDON FALLING, autographed! I suppose I'll have to give him my copy so that he can see why I sent him on the chase. Anyway, thanks a ton for the autograph and I look forward to confusing yet another Barnes and Noble employee by requesting the Sequel to LONDON FALLING. They are easily confused unless you request something from John Grisham or some short girl from the Jersey Shore called "Snooki".
    I'll see you in the pages, sir!

  • Claude Says:

    When I say "Paul Cornell", the response is usually "Paul Cor WHO?" If only they knew how appropriate that was. :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Glad to have autographed it for you!