Everything Except San Diego

Well, CONvergence was the usual incredible time, what one expects from The Best Convention in the World.  Tom seemed to benefit hugely from the atmosphere of love and creativity, visibly coming on in his development and saying his first word!  (I am now 'Dada'!)  My life doesn't give me time to write con reports these days, but suffice it to say that when faced with a vast queue length problem on the first day, this is the con that sent out food, water and comedy to the waiting attendees, and made jokes at their own expense about it in the opening ceremony.  You can be sure they'll fix that next year.  Caroline had an epic time, appearing on two panel games, and very much holding her own against pro comedians.  I appeared on seventeen panels, only one short of my personal best, all of them featuring at least one woman.  The latter feat, still beyond the power of many events, was achieved without seeming effort on the part of the convention.

Since we've got back, however, Tom's lost the idea of when bedtime is, jetlag and the heat contributing to a pretty tough couple of days.  He slept through last night, though.  So, phew.

I'm off to Comic Con on Wednesday, and intend to blog my (vast) schedule tomorrow.  But before that, there were a couple of things I wanted to mention as worthy in their own right.

First off... this!

That's the US cover for the London Falling sequel, The Severed Streets, out over there in April (the UK edition having arrived in December).  I think it's a thing of beauty.

On 20th August, the following should arrive on your book and comic shop shelves...

That's Saucer Country: The Reticulan Candidate, which collects all the remaining issues of the Vertigo run in a rather lovely package.

And, as you can see here, on Wednesday 14th August, from 6pm-7pm, I'll be signing the collected first volume of my Wolverine run at London's Forbidden Planet.  The collection, 'Hunting Season', is out on the 12th, and contains the first six issues.

Okay, back tomorrow with all my SDCC news.  And wish us luck for bedtime tonight.  Cheerio!

4 Response to "Everything Except San Diego"

  • Justine Etzkorn Says:

    Oh great. Was just wondering when the next London Falling book was due. My brother and sister and law are just reading the first one and both love it. I got it when it came out here and thought it was fantastic.

    Look forward to next April (a year seems a long time to wait. One must sympathise with the GRRM fans.)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. Hope you like the new one when it gets to you.

  • lizw Says:

    So excited to see the title and cover for The Severed Streets. It looks great.

    I don't recall if you met our daughter Ros the couple of times you visited - she's 14 now, and when she ran out of reading material while we were travelling last week, I lent her my Kindle so she could read London Falling. She's loving it, and she's as intrigued by Lisa as I was when I first started reading it. It's great to be able to give her an SFF book with such an interesting female character.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's great to hear, thanks!