Midsummer Mixture

I love my dreams at the height of summer.  I tune in to something during the solstice, and get these really trippy excursions that seem to work something out deep down inside me.  It's like the Nineties all over again.  Tom, on the other hand, isn't liking  the muggy heat at night at all.  We had a couple of friends over last night for a curry, and kept the lights off to enjoy the quality of the illumination from outside.

I have much to tell you.  First up, I popped into Tor's studio to record a joint interview with my old colleague from the Doctor Who New Adventures days, now the bestselling author of the Young Sherlock Holmes series and Lost Worlds, Andy Lane.  Our chat goes all over the place, but cryptozoologists and those who fondly remember the gap between the old Who and the new shouldn't be disappointed.  You can find it all here.

Also on audio, I'm a guest on the latest episode of the Tangential Deviation Podcast, which, as it's name suggests, is a rambling chat about anything that's timed to fit into an exact duration, that being the only limit.  We had a great deal of fun, talking about horror films and radio comedy in particular.

I'm honoured to be part of a truly stellar line-up for the Stripped strand of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I'm also appearing with Ben Aaronovitch at the main Festival. You can see details of my events here.

The next issue of Wolverine, #5, is out early, on Wednesday 26th in fact, and you can see the first four pages from this arc's artist, Mirco Pierfederici, here.  This is the start of a two-part story, 'Drowning Logan', the end of which will reveal the nature of our mysterious antagonist and change everything about Logan.  Alan Davis is back for #8, and should be with us for all six parts of the 'Killable' arc.  And between those two things is a rather special issue.

Finally, and I've been meaning to blog about this for a while now, I'd like to talk about one of the best things about being a member of the British Science Fiction Association.  If you're an aspiring writer, then joining the BSFA (and only that) gets you access to Orbiters, BSFA-organised small groups of those in the same boat who encourage each other and (most importantly), critique each other's work.  They have short story and now novel sales to their credit, and those involved seem delighted by the standard of support and advice.  To get involved, first use the above link to join the BSFA, then drop a line to organiser Terry Jackman on: terryjackman@mypostoffice.co.uk.  And let me know how you get on.

Right, these pages won't write themselves.  Until next time, Cheerio!

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