It's Wolverine #3 Day!

The third issue of Wolverine is in your comic shops today (hmm, I wonder if the Bank Holiday made any difference to UK retailers?) and out digitally, as always, around teatime.  This is, I think, the point where what I'm after starts to come together, and the title gains a new supporting cast.

The issue comes with either the cover you can see to the left, or with this lovely Ed McGuinness variant...

I hope you enjoy it.

And in matters related to the release of London Falling in the US, there is yet another new interview with me out there, this one with the Zombie Girl Shambling blog.  I've just done my last one of the tour, so I assure you, it'll all be over soon.  And they're all different, they don't let me use the same one over and over!

Until next time, Cheerio!

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