Friday London Falling Round-Up

Okay, this should be one of, or possibly the, last blog posts of interviews and giveaways surrounding the US launch of London Falling.  Going on what they call a 'blog tour' has been a great experience, and having to write so many different pieces about the book really gives one an insight into what one is trying to do with the series.  So, there are now three places with new LF content I haven't mentioned...

My Bookish Ways has a new interview and giveaway of the book to one lucky reader.

LitStack is giving away two copies.

And I've done a post about my inspirations and influences for The Book Smugglers.

Before I go today, I'd like to mention Adventure Rocketship!, an SF magazine in book form, the first issue of which contains fiction from such luminaries as Lavie Tidhar and Liz Williams, non-fiction from such as David Quantick and Rob Williams, and interviews with Michael Moorcock and China Mieville, all on the theme of the intersection between music, SF and the counterculture.  I heartily commend it to you.  Until next time, Cheerio!

2 Response to "Friday London Falling Round-Up"

  • Dark Matter fanzine Says:

    Want. Geocentric competitions make me cry :*(

    I really can't justify buying another novel until I've read at least 10 doorstoppers. Three years ago, I never dreamt this would be a problem.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    A good problem.