Bank Holiday Business

A freelancer doesn't get the Bank Holiday off, so I've been working today, but at least I got the chance to take Tom out for a long trundle in the sunshine.  A number of things have come up to which I feel I ought to bring your attention.

First up, how much sex do you like in your urban fantasy? Tor have reprinted a piece I originally wrote for their in-house newsletter about where the dividing lines between genres are, with particular regard to London Falling.

And, as part of the continuing blogging about the novel being published in the USA, I did this new interview about it with Reflections of a Book Addict.

While I was at C2E2 I did a major interview with Comicosity about Wolverine.

And here I am at the same event being interviewed about comics on audio for Radio Free Latveria. On the same edition, they talk to Robert Venditti, so that's a lot of Demon Knights writers in the same podcast.

And here's a record of the 2000AD panel I was also on in Chicago, with a number of big announcements from that title.

Finally, the fanzine Cygnus Alpha, the first place I had anything published, is making mutterings about starting up publication again.  It's got itself a Facebook page even, where you can order one of the few remaining copies of their recent charity edition which reprints my first ever piece of Doctor Who fan fiction.

It's too sunny to stay cooped up, so I shall quickly wish you a fond Cheerio.

3 Response to "Bank Holiday Business"

  •  Ashley Says:

    For me sex is one of those things where if it makes sense within the narrative causality of the novel then go for it. Otherwise don't as at best it is fan service, and at worse just porn.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well, that's just saying don't do it badly.

  • Antiqueight Says:

    I'd rather it wasn't there usually.