A Better Way to Die

Those of you who follow my SF stories concerning Jonathan Hamilton (who, in a world where certain historical moments went very differently, works out of uniform for the British government), may be pleased to hear that I have a new novella concerning him soon to be published, entitled 'A Better Way to Die'.

It's in a very prestigious anthology too, Rogues, edited by Gardner Dozois and George R.R. Martin, and I'm in the company of such people as Neil Gaiman, Connie Willis, Cherie Priest and Patrick Rothfuss.  You can see the full table of contents at George's site.  He's not sure yet when the book is due out, but it should be sometime this year.  I'm very flattered to be included.

And for those of you who'd like to catch up, here's where you can find the three previous Hamilton stories:

'Catherine Drewe' (originally published in Fast Forward 2) is available for free online.

'One of our Bastards is Missing' (originally published in The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction #3) can be downloaded as a PDF file.  That one got the series its first Hugo Award nomination.

And 'The Copenhagen Interpretation' (also Hugo nominated, and originally published in the July 2011 issue of Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine), can also be PDF downloaded, here.

On the matter of books, Tor UK are currently holding a contest to win a bundle of their books, including London Falling.

And there's a new Bernice Summerfield novel due out, a tie-in with the New Frontiers box set, entitled Filthy Lucre.

I was very disappointed to hear that Demon Knights will be ending with #23.  I thought Robert Venditti was doing a wonderful job, and I'm pleased to hear that he'll be going on to helm Green Lantern.  Much deserved.  I hope one day the DC Universe will see those characters again, and thanks to everyone who's expressed their support to both of us writers on the title.

In other comics news, here's a sample of the Augmented Reality video that plays when you use the Marvel AR app with your paper copy of Wolverine #3. This is me talking about how I've started to identify with Wolverine. (It does sound scary, put like that.)

Here I am being interviewed while at C2E2 on the latest episode of the Comic Book Queers podcast.

SFX Magazine has a poll concerning the greatest super hero of all time, in which they've been kind enough to single out Captain Midlands and a few more of the Captain Britain and MI-13 characters for possible votes.  (You could always use the fill-in box for Faiza!)

And speaking of those characters, Faiza, Dane and Brian show up in the rather wonderful new issue (#15AU) of Avengers Assemble, written by Al Ewing.

And that's it for an update I left far too long.  Hope you enjoy the Hamiltons, and I'll let you know when the new anthology is coming out!  Cheerio!

9 Response to "A Better Way to Die"

  • Paul Weimer Says:

    I love the Hamilton stories, and am thrilled there will be on in the Rogues anthology, Paul.

  • ElvenBrit Says:

    Hi Paul,

    In response to Faiza, and voting on the SFX poll.

    I ran a poll on my 'Throne of Otherworld' Blog for a year, asking 'If Excalibur ever reformed, who would everyone like to see in the team?

    The conclusion of the poll resulted in the public choosing, Captain Britain, Meggan, Black Knight, Pete Wisdom, Spitfire, Union Jack & Lionheart.

    Alas Faiza scored quite low, even though she could be a very interesting character.

  • NickPheas Says:

    TBH that would be a fairly dull team to read. Too many overlapping powersets. And so very, very white.
    Faiza actually manages to serve lots of useful roles within the team synamic while only occasionally going out and doing the big brash stuff that helps characters win polls.
    Healer, confidant, newbie sounding board, moral compass.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Paul. Elven: I'm not sure why you'd come here to tell me that. I agree with Nick.

  • ElvenBrit Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I'm sorry if my comment offended, that wasn't my intention.

    The reason for the comment was to show that most of the characters in your MI13 run ended up as top choices, and I agree with both you and Nick. Faiza's an 'interesting' character, and I agree she would add depth to a team.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Sorry, my margins are pretty small at the moment, baby keeping me awake. Your initial comment, looking at it again, is clearly inoffensive. My apologies.

  • ElvenBrit Says:

    Hi Paul,

    that's cool, I felt really bad thinking I might have upset anyone.

    Full sympathy for the baby blues, my sons seven years-old now, so way past that stage, just the wobbly teeth, and not going to sleep at night stage now.

  • Unknown Says:

    Hi there, just a general question. I can't work out your career arc - books, tv shows to comics and books - and I'm curious. Is this part of a grand plan to get an entry into every artistic medium, or (asked without insult), are you going with the opportunities? Or am I over categorising things again?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's a question I keep asking myself. I'm comfortable enough now so I tend not to do things just for the money (unless it's really great money!) I do think I'm a bit too excited by the idea of doing something I haven't done, or that I've always wanted to do, instead of focusing entirely on one thing. I may have to make some hard choices soon. I'd like to be remembered for one big meaningful thing, then the rest, rather than a sort of cumulative contribution from all sorts of places.