Two Podcasts

I've become involved in two excellent podcasts this week, in different ways.  Firstly, I took the insane step of sponsoring the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast, which I've been listening to every week for years.  It's a simple format: the crew take it in turns to pick and review at length their favourite comic that came out that week.  But the professionalism and personality of the presenters are what make it great.  I did it mostly because I wanted to be involved, and a little because it meant I could give Conor a paragraph to read out.  He didn't quite rise to the bait, as you'll find out if you listen here. The link the guys read out just takes you to what's behind the cover to the top right of this site: an Amazon site that donates a little finding fee to iFanboy every time it's used to buy a copy.  It costs you, the purchaser, nothing at all.

And secondly, I was interviewed on The Skiffy and Fanty Show, which is a fun, but surprisingly in-depth wander through genre, and I think I had some rather deep stuff pried gently out of me.  It's always worth a listen.  We concentrate on London Falling, but we tackle a few points of Doctor Who history too.

Tomorrow, I'll hopefully be able to tell you exactly what I'm going to get up to at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend.  And I'm waiting on a handful of London Falling guest posts that haven't appeared yet.  Until them, Cheerio!

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