Saucer Country is Hugo Nominated!

I'm back from Eastercon, which was lovely, but, as always, tiring.  I finally won a point in one of Lee Harris' flash fiction contests, saw Doctor Who with hundreds of laughing, cheering people, did all right at presenting the BSFA Awards, and helped announced this year's Hugos... which included two nominations for things in which I have a part!

The SF Squeecast was again nominated for Best Fancast, which is of course very satisfying, but my greatest delight is reserved for the fact that... Saucer Country got onto the Best Graphic Story shortlist!  The nomination is for the first trade paperback, so I share it with not only Ryan Kelly, but also Jimmy Broxton and Goran Sud┼żuka.

Thanks to the kind offices of editor Will Dennis, an e-book of the whole volume will be included in the electronic Voter Packet, sent out to people who've registered for this year's Worldcon in Texas, and can thus vote.  We're up against Grandville, Locke & Key, Saga and Schlock Mercenary, so it's a tough category, but I actually think we have a chance.  So, an enormous thank you everyone that nominated us.  It's tremendously satisfying that, just as Vertigo cancelled us, we've received this honour, and it should add impetus to our return next year.

You can see a list of this year's Hugo nominees here, and if you're thinking that $60 sounds cheap for a Supporting Membership that will get you e-books of (probably) everything that's in print on that nominee list, plus the right to vote in the Hugos, then you can find that deal here.

And just a reminder that on Wednesday, at 6.30pm, I'll be joining a number of my fellow contributors at Waterstones Gower Street in London to sign copies of the new Solaris Rising 2 anthology.

Until next time, thanks again, and Cheerio!

8 Response to "Saucer Country is Hugo Nominated!"

  • Tony Laplume Says:

    Very awesome. Well-deserved, too!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much.

  • Avalon Says:

    Congratulations! Would that mean or give better hope for the Saucer Country to be resurrected/continued outside DC? Needless to say I'm a huge fan of the story and I'd love to see it continued.

  • Teresa Says:

    Yay Saucer Country! :) I was thrilled to see that, and am crossing my fingers.

    Though, I just caught up on Issue #13, and Chloe talks about someone "getting sacked." Unless she's suddenly British, that would be "getting fired." Just sayin'. I've never been "sacked" from a job, but I've been fired once or twice. :)

    Also, yay Hugo Nomination for Chicks Unravel Time! :) It's my first time having anything to DO with anything that's nominated for ANYTHING, let alone a Hugo, and I wouldn't be involved with it had you not posted about Whedonistas on your Twitter, inspiring me to see if they needed more writers and getting me involved with all those crazy characters at Mad Norwegian Press, so I suppose thanks are in order? In a roundabout way, you've helped me achieve a sort of writer milestone!

    Step two - be nominated for a Hugo for something with my name on.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Avalon: we have high hopes for it being continued at another company next year. Will let everyone know when the deal is signed. Ah well, Ter, too late for that note now. And yes, many pleased people about that one!

  • Teresa Says:

    Ha! Late indeed. I was just surprised your editor at Vertigo didn't catch it. Then again, they've had so many writers from all over, they must be used to a mix of slang at this point and just kind of don't see it anymore. :) In any case, I'm so sorry it's coming to a close at Vertigo, but...continuing at another company? Yay! Can't wait to hear the details about that!

  • Anonymous Says:

    Saucer Country deserves every bit of recognition it gets. I just finished re-reading the whole thing, having finished the last issue, and it really reveals its depth and intelligence on subsequent reads. I eagerly, impatiently, await its return!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much!