My C2E2 Schedule

First up, in London Falling related news, there's a new interview and giveaway up at Urban Fantasy Investigations.  Quite a few more of these will be coming your way next week.

And a new episode of The SF Squeecast has been released, this one guest starring the magnificent Cherie Priest.

Meanwhile, I'm off in the early hours to Chicago for the enormous convention they call C2E2.  So while I get the chance I thought I'd best share with you my schedule.

I'll be spending most of daytime on 26-28th April at table T8, talking to anyone that drops by, happy to sign anything, giving away free comics.  (There'll be an official Hero Alliance tip jar on the table, so if you'd like you can contribute to the charity that helps out comics professionals in financial and/or health difficulties.)  


10am-Noon: at my table.  (I think the first hour is professionals only.)
Noon-1pm: signing at the Marvel Booth.
2.30pm-7pm: at my table.  (Okay, I might need to find the bathroom at some point.)
7.45pm: 2000AD Panel. Room W471.


11am-Noon: signing at the Marvel Booth.
Noon-1pm: at my table.
2pm-6pm: at my table.
6pm-7pm: hosting Giveaway Hour at the Marvel Booth.  (I'll be chucking copies of Wolverine into the crowd and giving a few hints of where we're going with that.  It'll be good fun.)


10am -12.45pm: at my table.
12.45pm: X-Men Panel.  Room W474.  If you're a Wolverine fan you'll want to be there, for a major announcement concerning an upcoming arc.
2pm-5pm: at my table.

Phew, I'm going to be exhausted at the end of all that.  I hope I'll see some of you there.  In the meantime, Cheerio!

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