London Falling in the USA: Day Two!

Like I said, there are going to be blog guest posts, giveaways and such for the next few days, all centering around the fact that London Falling has just been published in the US!

I'm very flattered that Mary Robinette Kowal had me over to be a guest on her blog, to talk about my favourite bit of the book.  There's quite a long excerpt there too, if you want a taster.  And she says some very kind things about me.  She's one of my favourite people also.

And the Layers of Thought blog is doing a giveaway of a copy of the book, to one lucky reader.

While I've got your attention, and nothing to do with the book, I'd like to recommend the website Daleks Da Vinci, which is mainly a gallery of the model work of Dalek fan Julian Vince.  It's excellent stuff from someone who was a big name in Doctor Who fandom back in the day, and is seeking to return to the fold.

Okay, more tomorrow!  In the meantime, Cheerio!

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