London Falling in the USA: Day Three!

Told you there'd be loads of these!  We're rolling out blog guest appearances and giveaways across the next few days, all to celebrate the US release of London Falling.  Hit the cover image on the right margin to get the lovely hardback or ebook from Amazon, or, if you want your ebook DRM-free (so you can move it between the devices you own), take a look at Macmillan's site.

Today we have two giveaways for you (hmm, will there be any copies left to sell?)

First up is a comment thread contest at Pink Raygun.  (What a great name for a site.)

And secondly, there's an interview with me and giveaway at No More Grumpy Bookseller.  (A site whose name nods towards a whole unseen backstory.)

In other news, SF Signal are holding one of their regular book cover smackdowns, this one being a contest between three covers from originals that'll be available next month, one of which is John Picacio's excellent design for my new Wild Cards story 'The Elephant in the Room'.  Go and give John some voter love!

And finally, Marvel AR have released a video of me commenting on the ending to Wolverine #2 ...  (SPOILERS!)

With loads of lovely Alan Davis art, too!

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow with more London Falling stuff!  Until then, Cheerio!

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