Cygnus Alpha Revisited

Those of you in the South West of England, or indeed, those from further afield, might want to pop in to Phonicon in Exeter, this Sunday (April 7th).  Apart from an interesting range of guests (including Gary Russell , Simon Guerrier and, erm, Tom Baker... no, not that one, this one), this convention is the only place I know of that will be selling a much-delayed new issue of the fanzine Cygnus Alpha.  I'm telling you this because CA was where my very first piece of fiction was printed, editor Paul West being the first person to take a punt on my prose.  The new issue of Cygnus Alpha is reprinting the story, a Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan piece which I haven't dared read again, but to which I have provided a tiny intro.  If you read it, well, I'm terribly sorry.

Out this month is the new Bernice Summerfield box set, New Frontiers, with stories by Xanna Eve Chown, Alexander Vlahos and Gary Russell, and I heartily commend it to you.

And Wolverine #2 is out next Wednesday (as is the season finale of Saucer Country).  I'll be blogging my writer's notes on the day, but in the meantime, check out this preview with three pages of gorgeous Alan Davis art. Enormous things are going to be happening in this title, and it all starts at the end of this issue.  Cheerio!

4 Response to "Cygnus Alpha Revisited"

  • Tony Laplume Says:

    I wish I was going so I could get that issue myself!

  • Anonymous Says:

    No worries! I am sure it will be available from the organisers: contact them at Lee Rawlings and Simon Brett are your men. As Paul's former partner-in-crime at CA, the more readers we get, the better...though Paul may not agree! Actually, I think the piece by his 15 year-old self is a cracker!


    Denis Richardson

  • Simon Brett Says:

    Give us a message at the email above and we'll see what we can do to reserve you a copy. Simon Brett (Event Organiser)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks for arranging that!