My Eastercon Schedule

I'm going to be driving up to Bradford for this year's Eastercon this Friday, getting there, I hope, reasonably early.  If you're going, and want to be sure of locating me, well, there's the bar, but you could also go to one of the following events (room locations in brackets):

Friday, 9pm.  Underground London (Rowan): 'Take one London. Add magical society hidden from most people. Mix in famous places from the city, and optionally garnish with police procedural. Why is this such a great recipe?'  I'll be on that one with Roz Kaveney, Anne Lyle and Simon Morden, so that sounds like a good time.

Saturday, Noon.  Genre Get Together - Fantasy (Conservatory): This is a chance to meet authors and get books signed.  Like an Eastercon in miniature.  At Eastercon.

Saturday, 8pm.  Hugo Shortlist Announcement (Rowan): I'll be attending in my capacity as Toastmaster for this year's Worldcon in Texas, and possibly commentating for the worldwide audience.

Sunday, Noon.  Ready, Steady, Flash (Boardroom): 'Lee Harris challenges authors to produce short themed fiction to a very tight deadline, and then read it out.'  I'll be playing this against Cory Doctorow, Roz Kaveney and Emma Newman, which frankly terrifies me, because last time I tried this I scored nothing at all. Donna Scott will be entertaining the crowd while we scribble.

Sunday, 7pm.  BSFA Awards (Main): With Award Administrator Donna Scott, I'll be your host for the ceremony.

I hope to see some of you there, so until then, Cheerio!

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