Fantasy in the Court

A freelancer's life has gaps.  These are the moments when you've sorted all your deadlines, and are waiting on notes from editors, and so, if, like me, you actually get afraid when you're not busy, you create new work for yourself.  In this case, that's been starting on a short story the deadline of which is way in the future, and, erm... beginning  a children's novel.  Just because the start of it came to me and seemed so utterly the thing that I had to write it.  You won't hear much of that; I'm going to write it in the background.

Tom's been having trouble sleeping, and we're trying all sorts of new tactics as a result.  The poor little guy.  He's also had his first solid food, a little bit of banana.  He sucks at it thoughtfully, and tends to keep it in his mouth.  We're not sure he's actually swallowed it yet.

Last night I checked the lettering on the finished art of Saucer Country #14, the last issue from Vertigo, out on April 10th.  I'm now almost certain we'll be back next year, but still, it was a sad moment.  We go out on a real high, with some significant mysteries explained (there are even explanatory flashbacks).  Ryan's excelled himself.  I particularly love Chloe's beer salute to camera.

Today I have a television meeting, then I'm going to go along to the monthly BSFA gathering which this time focuses on the nominees for the BSFA Awards.  I'm hosting these at Eastercon, so I'll be interested in the discussion, but won't express any preferences.  Apart from that I think it's a good line-up all round.

One thing you may like to know about is Fantasy in the Court, an evening event at Goldsboro Books in London on Thursday 28th March.  I'm going along, and so are quite a few other fantasy authors.  It's a little awkward, in that that's the night before Eastercon, which is always a favourite bar evening for me, but I intend to zoom up the M1 early the following morning, and hopefully be in Bradford for the start of the programme.  (And requiring breakfast, I should think.)

And speaking of London events, I'll be signing the new anthology Solaris Rising 2, along with editor Ian Whates and fellow contributors James Lovegrove, Mercurio D. Rivera and Martin Sketchley at Waterstone's Gower Street on Wednesday 3rd April.

Should be a good do.

I'm interviewed about London Falling in the new issue (#245) of Interzone, which is very pleasing, since I've been a fan of the magazine for many years (and had a very early story published therein).  Check out the contents here.

I've done two interview pieces about Wolverine recently (and I must say, I've been delighted with how positive the reviews have been).  There's one that covers the comic and all sorts of other things (including the novel and Saucer Country) over at Den of Geek, and then I answer readers' questions in the regular X-Position feature at CBR. (This includes some lovely new Alan Davis art from #2.)

For those of you in a voting frame of mind, I'd like to direct your attention to the Locus Poll for SF and fantasy in print.  It's that time of the year again.

And of all places for Bernice Summerfield to pop up, I wouldn't have expected the website of The Beano.

I hope to see some of you tonight.  But otherwise, until next time, Cheerio!

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