The Wolverine and the Goldtiger

It's always the way: you finish a blog, and then loads of other stuff arrives that urgently needs blogging about!

The first in a series of interviews with me, purely about the forthcoming Wolverine series is up on Marvel's website.  The interviews will continue all week, each one about a specific part of the title character's life.  This one features a couple of preview pages of gorgeous Alan Davis art from the first issue...

Goldtiger is a really terrific-looking Kickstarter project put together by my friends Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton...

I love the retro look of it, an iconic Sixties comic strip that never was, the bonuses are great, and the idea of those two working together fills me with glee.  There ought to be more Broxton design in the world, and soon there will be!

I pop on the latest episode of the Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour podcast, their first anniversary edition, mainly talking about comics, and joined by a whole bunch of other creators.  Stacey makes a great host.  Do check it out.

March 26th is the release date of Solaris Rising 2, the original SF anthology edited by Ian Whates.  As the table of contents shows, I'm in there with greats like Nancy Kress, Nick Harkaway and Robert Reed, and I'm opening the batting!  There'll be a couple of launch events for the anthology, but more about those nearer the time.

And speaking of short stories, Aethernet magazine is a new ebook SF/F journal that will run for 12 issues, and feature stories entirely in serial form, including work by Juliet E. McKenna, Chris Beckett and Adrian Tchaikovsky.  The serial is the thing in SF right now, considering how well John Scalzi is doing with The Human Division, and I think this is a welcome development.

Okay, so now I can get back to finishing up everything I have to do before the Sci Fi Weekender.  Cheerio!

2 Response to "The Wolverine and the Goldtiger"

  • Anonymous Says:

    Hi again Paul. Don't know if you got my last one (Denis Richardson aka Dr George Sik)but I'm a real luddite and not on Twitter of Facebook. I AM on LinkedIn, but only because I've been advised that I have to be. The best way to reach me is simply by e-mail on (there's an s after the George which people frequently miss).

    I can see this is a very busy time for you, so if you haven't got time to do us a short Zero Room, perhaps we could reprint your very first piece of fan fiction for Cygnus Alpha (your very first story in print, in fact, I believe), the one about the talking nebula and the planet full of savages. With the debut of London Falling (which I can mention in a short preamble), it would be fitting to look back 30 years or so, don't you think?



  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I tried your email address last time and this time, but it just doesn't work. I'm hitting it or copying it, not re-typing it. Please provide me with another email address.