The Peter David Auction and Love from Tor

I'm still getting to the end of the second novel.  The trouble with it being a bit of a whodunnit is that whenever I realise something isn't working, I need to untangle piles of if/then loops as clues and false leads have to be rearranged.  The most important thing of all is that my heroes use all the information available to them and do the smartest possible thing every time, otherwise the reader will start yelling at them.  I keep realising that I've artificially stopped something happening when it would and held it back to when it suits me to reveal it.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get rid of the last of those.  It's getting better every time, and will be delivered soon (I hope) in a pretty sorted state.

Tom continues to be a delight.  He's now making lots of syllable sounds, lots of drool and lots of attempts to grab anything in sight and gum down on it.   He's sleeping in a big cot now, which took a few nights to get used to.  He also now has his little baby passport, the photo of which has him doing the eyebrow thing at the camera, like he's in The Usual Suspects.

As many of you will know, my friend, comic writer and author Peter David recently suffered a stroke, and while he's recovering well, help with medical bills will be needed.  (US readers: the National Health Service in the UK means this is the sort of stuff I will never have to worry about.)  There's a blog about what you can do to help in general, and a donate button here. But in particular, I'd like to draw your attention to this auction of original comic art, in which can be found some glorious pieces, like this iconic Hulk cover by Liam Sharp...

Those of you outside the US: it's easy enough, if you're not registered with US eBay to bid for the pieces.  Just search for their descriptions on your local version of eBay and you'll find them easily, with the prices translated into your currency.  Myself, I have my eye on that Man Thing.  (Oh hush.)  Beautiful stuff, and for a great cause.

For Valentine's Day this week, Tor books got a bunch of us authors and their editors to talk about what we love about the genre, myself included.  There's lots of thoughtful stuff there.

I did an interview with the West Ham FC fanzine Blowing Bubbles about London Falling.  It's been great hearing from so many West Ham fans on Twitter.  They seem to like the book.  Or at least, not to mind it.

On April 8th, my first ever comics work gets reprinted!  It's a Doctor Who strip called 'Stairway to Heaven', and it features in Doctor Who Magazine's latest compilation, Nemesis of the Daleks...

And the latest edition of The SF Squeecast is out, with guest Amber Benson, on which I talk about the BBC's Ghost Stories for Christmas. 

That Kickstarter I mentioned in the last blog, for the innovative new convention Nine Worlds is now three quarters of the way there, by the way, with two weeks left to go.  I think they'll get the economic foundation they're after.

Anyhow, that's the state of play tonight.  Until next time, Cheerio!

3 Response to "The Peter David Auction and Love from Tor"

  • Neil Says:

    Good Peter David news - he made a surprise appearance at the Farpoint convention this weekend. We were auctioning off some stuffed bunnies to benefit him and someone suggested that if we collect over a certain amount we'd sent them all to him. That was done. A few minutes later it was announced that we would not be sending the bunnies to him, because he was able to be there in person. It was quite an amazing surprise to everyone there.
    There are photos of him standing there with a bunny in arm on his Facebook page.

  • Mr.SFTV Says:

    At Gallifrey One, IDW indicated that Doctor Who story will also get reprinted in one of their upcoming Classic Comics releases.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's great to hear, Neil. And that's good news too.