Shalka and Chicago and Flying Elephants

It's been a packed week.  On Wednesday I went to a wine-tasting evening at Pan Macmillan, where authors from their various imprints (I was representing Tor), each talked about their work, and had Helen McGinn, the author of The Knackered Mother's Wine Club recommend a wine that spoke of their book.  (I asked for something with the word 'copper' in the name, but the closest they could get was something a bit like Copper Mountain.)  I had a lovely time and met new thriller writer Seth Patrick...

(Photo by Julie Crisp.)

On Thursday, a gathering of UK comickers coincided with a party after a launch at Forbidden Planet (for Laura Lam's Pantomime) in a wonderful cross-media collision.  And on Friday I recorded a video interview for something forthcoming and met the charming Anthony Read. And also there were three separate attempts to get Tom his first UK passport, which finally worked out yesterday.  All that, plus a load of comics and novel work, including a phone meeting with my excellent Wolverine editor Jeanine Schaefer that left me dancing around the room with excitement at how well everything's working on that title.  I've decided that I'll be blogging a writer's commentary on the day each issue is released, starting with #1, which is out on March 13th...

I am, as usual, exhausted.

However, there are exciting things to tell you, starting with the news that on September 16th, BBC Worldwide will be releasing my Richard E.Grant/Sir Derek Jacobi -starring animated Doctor Who serial from 2003, 'The Scream of the Shalka'.  It'll be a stand alone release, with lots of extras.  I'm really pleased I can finally tell people about that!

I can also now tell you that I'm attending two more events this year: Chicago's C2E2 from 26-28 April, and on 28-29 September, I'll be at the Dublin International Comic Expo.

I was very pleased that my novelette 'The Ghosts of Christmas' made it onto the Locus Magazine 2012 Recommended Reading List. Thank you, Locus.

And my article 'Writing Across the Mediums' got reprinted on the Tor board.  (And yes, I'm assured that 'mediums' is correct.)

Talking of Tor, my new Wild Cards story, 'The Elephant in the Room', will soon be appearing there, and  John Picacio has provided this gorgeous artwork for it...

There are two new interviews with me out there, this one on audio, conducted by the mighty Mur Lafferty, and this one at Comicosity, dealing with my upcoming run on Wolverine.

And it was great to see that run mentioned on Pornokitsch, in a Friday Five by Jenni Hill, comics you should be reading.

I don't normally link to reviews of my work, but this one of London Falling, by Joanne Hall, popped up at Fantasy Faction, a website I always enjoy, and that was a great pleasure.

And finally, I'd like to endorse the attempt of my friend Theresa Derwin to win this year's Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and thus fly to the USA for Worldcon. Go, Theresa.

So, loads of conventions this year.  I hope to see some of you at one of them.  Until next time, Cheerio!

7 Response to "Shalka and Chicago and Flying Elephants"

  • Craig Oxbrow Says:

    Shalka extras wishlist...

    Commentary? Making of? The Feast Of The Stone suitable for printing (or printed in the guidebook)?

    Of course, what I'd most like is an untold story. :D

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    No details can be revealed as yet!

  • Neil Says:

    I read 'The Ghosts of Christmas' last Saturday. At the moment I'm planning on nominating it in the Hugo novelette category.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you very much.

  • Craig Oxbrow Says:

    Curses! Foiled again!

    Now where did I put that "patience" upgrade people keep telling me to install...

  • Bret M. Herholz Says:

    I absolutely enjoyed Scream of the Shalka and Richard E. Grant as the Doctor in 2003. I am very pleased to hear they're FINALLY releasing it on DVD!! I cannot wait!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Good to hear!