London Wolverine Signing and Variant Cover!

The news just keeps on coming.  I'll be signing Wolverine #1 at London's Forbidden Planet from 6pm on release day, Wednesday 13th March.  Copies will also be available with a variant cover, by Salvador Larroca, that's exclusive to FP.  Here it is...

(Deadpool appears on the cover, but not in the issue, before you ask.)  You can see all the details, and order the issue with the variant cover by post if you can't be there, via the link here.

Meanwhile, the first three parts of my week-long interview about Wolverine on Marvel's own website are all now up, dealing with his powers, villains, and allies. All of which come with new Alan Davis art from the comic.  Here's the cover to #3...

Right, that's you up to date with Wolverine news, now back to packing for the Weekender!  Cheerio!

4 Response to "London Wolverine Signing and Variant Cover!"

  • Neil Says:

    "Countdown to a new Wolverine comic with writer Paul Cornell" is a highlight in Marvel's email Pulse newsletter today with a link to the first of your interviews. I'm looking forward to getting the comic when it arrives in my monthly box.

    Do you often get a chance to plan things with Alan Davis in person or is it mostly by email and phone?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. Alan and I communicate by email, and it's working out really well.

  • The Sword Is Drawn Says:

    That Issue 3 cover looks great. While I had some early misgivings over Marcus Johnson taking over from the original Nick Fury I can understand the logic in it. For the casual reader, or the novice who's been watching the Marvel movies and wants to get into comics for the first time, that visual connection between the two is very important.

    And that cover is the exact kind of image which could be reproduced in several places for Marvel publicity, because it not only captures that exact connection, but it's a damned nice piece of Alan Davis artwort too.

    Do Marvel still do posters, these days? Maybe they should. :)

    Hi Paul. Really looking forward to this series. It's a been a few years since I last picked up a Wolverine solo title (I think I stopped a short while after Mark Millar's 'Old Man Logan' arc) but he's always been a character I've had a huge interest in, with a long runs from the 90s in my long boxes still.

    What's interested me the most about the interviews you've done so far is that you've made strong reference to Wolverine (Or James) the individual, rather than focussing on the his Rogues Gallery. Many writers do, but then the book can just become one big Wolverine Vs Competition, which personally isn't as interesting to me.

    After Wolverine had his memories returned to him, through House of M, I was genuinely excited to see what stories we might see relating to that revelation and what we might learn about James Howlett the man. I don't personally feel that the immediate writers (Even given that they launched a Wolverine: Origins series alongside the main Wolverine book) truly took best advantage of the opportunity there. A shame.

    Anyway, I've not really dropped by to post that frequently these past two years. But I have been lurking (In a non-disturbing way :) ). Truth be told I've not been online as much while I was still having chemo. But I'd like to say that I really enjoyed Demon Knights in particular, and I have a copy of London Falling on my reading stack. :)

    And it's good to see you back at Marvel.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy it (and the novel). You're right in saying that I'm putting character first, as always. Cheers.