The End of Saucer Country

As today's solicitations for forthcoming Vertigo titles revealed, #14 will be the last issue of Saucer Country. I'm very sorry this is the case.  The comic was a labour of love for me, and I'm heartbroken to see it cancelled.

The cancellation happened just as Ryan had nearly finished drawing the first issue of what will now be our last arc.  I therefore had to decide whether or not I could use that completed issue as a starting point for a final plot that, in two more issues, could end our entire story in a satisfying  way.  After much thought, I decided it couldn't be done without turning the remaining issues into, well, just lists of things that happened.  There were just too many questions to answer, too many plot points to fit.

So I've opted to complete the arc as planned, with maybe an added 'end of season' feel, and finish Saucer Country on an 'end of volume one' note, with a big outcome decided (the last three issues are set on election night) and one enormous (and complete) reveal of the truth behind one of our mysteries.  But this will not be an ending, and you won't learn what really happened to Arcadia on the night she was abducted.

I know that'll disappoint our loyal audience. So I make this promise to you: I will, one day, finish Saucer Country, in one way or another, in a dramatically satisfying way.  That is to say, I won't just put up the remainder of the plot on my blog or something, I'll find a professional means to actually complete the story, ideally in comic book form, or as a novel or, hey, go on, a movie.  The rights revert to me reasonably soon.  We'll work from there.

I should say that I have no problem with Vertigo.  Low sales were what killed us, nothing else.  I have no reason to be bitter.  I couldn't have been happier with the wonderful editorial team of Will Dennis and Mark Doyle, some of the best people I've worked for, who were not just meticulous and devoted to the cause, but also kind and friendly, and I'd like to thank Karen Berger and Shelly Bond (and development editor Pornsak Pichetshote) for taking a chance on the title in the first place.

I especially feel for Ryan Kelly, who's put so much hard work and energy into this project.  He's brought this comic to life for me.  He's been a joy to work with.  Here's his cover for #13, our penultimate issue...

Please support him in his next project, whatever that may be, and check out his own Funrama comic, along with many other delights, at his blog.  He's someone I very much want to work with again, and I hope that'll be on Saucer Country.  He gets first refusal.  We'll wait for him.

I want to thank all the readers who stuck with us.  We won't stint on the final issues; you'll keep getting what you like.  Indeed, our next issue, a one off about Michael and his sister and the fairies, is a story that's very important to me.  And our last arc, 'President's Day', is, I think, as with 'The Reticulan Candidate', one of the best stories I've told in comics.  There'll be no ragged randomness, as sometimes happens with comics at the end of their run.  We're going to keep on giving you our best, right to the end.

So that's Saucer Country.  I hope I get to say, one day, that it's coming back.  You can be sure I won't stop trying to make that happen.  Cheerio.

36 Response to "The End of Saucer Country"

  • Colin Samuels Says:

    I'm very sorry to hear. Though UFOlogy isn't something which would usually appeal to me, I took a chance on Saucer Country because I've enjoyed your work on so many other projects. I was glad that I did; it's been consistently one of the best comics I read regularly. You characterized it as a labor... er, "labour" of love and that regard for your subject and characters was apparent. I'll set aside all 14 issues for my daughter to enjoy... someday, that is. Meantime, I'll keep counting the days until London Falling is published here in the States. Best wishes, Paul.

  • btmarino84 Says:

    I am sorry to hear this but happy to hear that you are dedicated to completing the story on your own terms. I admire that and look forward to the day.

  • Pralaya Says:

    Hello, I'm Italian and I have read so far Soucer Country and much enjoyed It, so I'm pretty disappointed to know about the cancellation. I will continue to support you and waiting for future incarnations of SC. I also want to compliment about your decision on the "ending": I have read many series ruined by a rushed finale caused by a cancellation, so I believe you have taken the right choise.

  • Martin Gray Says:

    Ah Paul, I'm so sorry to hear Saucer Country is closing shop ... but delighted to hear it's a case of 'for now'. Thanks to yourself, Ryan and all the gang for a wonderfully readable, fascinating story, and I'll be here for the continuation.

  • Anonymous Says:

    It's good that you get the rights back soon, maybe another company like Image would pick it up.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have loved reading Saucer County, as has my wife. It is smart, fun, and surprising. The whole UFO genre is ripe for cliches, but everything about this book was so fresh. I really do hope you will find a chance to continue it someday. Hooray for creator-owned work! Thank you for creating something so enjoyable.

  • ***Dave Says:

    I'll join the chorus of folks sorry to see Saucer Country go. It was an alternately zany and disturbing mix of politics, media, and weird science, unique from what I could see. Which may have been the problem, but I look forward to the remaining issues and your promised wrap-up of things.

  • Ridan Says:

    Damn. This is one of my favorite books right now. I look forward to whatever continuation may be possible in the future.

  • Esteban Pedreros Says:

    I don't know why, but Eric Stephenson's name comes to my mind

  • LeandroZSC Says:

    I’ve just hear about the cancellation of Saucer Country and I am truly devastated about it! Fingers crossed for a chance to see it being continued in the future, no matter what the medium, even though I’ll always be hopeful for Ryan Kelly’s drawings on it.

    Cheers from a Brazilian fan!

  • Eryk Donovan Says:

    Are you getting full rights back eventually?

    Perhaps you could bring it to Image later on. Ah that sucks.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, everyone. I will, indeed, get the rights back at some point, and we're looking into some interesting options now. Cheers.

  • bystrouska Says:

    So very sorry to see it go! Like Colin, I picked it up solely on your name (okay, the covers and inside art were a great incentive, too), an I am really glad I gave it a chance, for it has been one of the most consistently original and satisfying reads on my pull list, month after month. It is truly a pity to see it cancelled… but like many others, I am glad to read you can wrap it up on your own terms, and am looking forward to the day we can see the title return. (It's good to know that with you getting the rights back at some point, it isn't unrealistic to hope for it.)
    In the meantime, I will happily follow any project that has your name, or Ryan Kelly's for that matter, attached to it. Between Stormwatch, Demon Knights, and Saucer Country, I cannot keep track of the hours of delight your writing has offered in the year and a half since I have started buying comics. London Falling is waiting on my nightstand, too — can't wait to read it! Thank you so much for all these, and all the best for your current and future projects!

  • Peter Newman Says:

    I'm sorry to hear that. I liked Saucer Country because it was trying something different (and because I had no idea where it was going!).

    For whatever it's worth I think it's great that you've chosen to respect the story and wait until it can be finished properly.

  • Wil Says:

    I've been buying the series on Comixology rather than in print. Does that count equally in DC's sales figures? In any case, it's a book that quickly had me hooked, and I still am. Wherever you go to continue the story, I shall follow.

  • Rachel B Says:

    Hello Paul!

    I am fairly new to comics and Saucer Country is the first work of yours I've ever read. I just finished the first volume and absolutely loved it. Alien abduction has always been a topic that both scared and interested me, and learning more about the mythology behind it in your book has been a real treat. Having a Mexican woman as the lead is wonderful.

    I am SO sad to hear that it's being cancelled. I have heard only good things about it, and the covers are always superb. I'm glad that you decided not to quickly wrap it up in a way you wouldn't be satisfied with.

    I will continue to devour the remaining issues I have yet to read. It really keeps me hooked, it's so complex, I can't wait to find out what happens next and peel back more layers of the mystery with these characters. I think you've done an AMAZING job, and I hope Saucer Country comes back again some day. I'll really miss it.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, everyone. It's lovely to hear such kind words about the title. *Any* legitimate way of purchasing the comic helped us, so don't worry about that. I should think all the remaining issues will still be collected in trades. Cheers.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Sorry to hear it's the end of Saucer Country. My wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed the story so far.
    Are you going to be at Bristol this year, we'll buy you a drink to say thanks for the comics we did get to read.

  • Tony Laplume Says:

    Sorry to hear it, but glad you're going down fighting and plan to finish it elsewhere. Good luck!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. And yes, I'll be at Bristol! Cheers.

  • Robert Thomas Says:

    Saucer Country cancelled? The conspiracy cover-up deepens! And Vertigo have abducted my monthly reading pleasure. There will now be an unexplained 15 minute gap where a standing order once was. Paul your labour of love is a joy to read and no labour for us readers. So looking forward to the day you return to your most personal mythology of ufos and politics. We are watching! Thanks and all the best

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much.

  • Teresa Says:

    Oh noooooes! :( I was buying it, I swear! I can't believe I'm only seeing this now...

    Well, poop. That's all I have to say about that. I'll echo everyone else's sentiment about being glad that you'll find a way back to it somehow. I really hope you do.

    And I'd just like to say, as an American Latina - thank you for putting one of us in a comic book, if only for a little while. I can't begin to tell you how much that meant to me. :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm glad we got to do that. Ta!

  • Claude Says:

    For what it's worth, I came late to the party. My local shop has been ordered to keep anything with the name Paul Cornell on it. They are only dependable in being unconcerned with my needs. I missed the first several issues but ordered the trade paperback and was kind of glad that I got to consume it that way instead. Waiting a month at a time would have been torture. Now, it's over. Not much I can do but get the coming issues and/or the next trade paperback. You have a way of mixing genres, especially with Saucer Country, that probably doesn't catch readers all at once. I've been a fan for quite a while (All the way back to "Timewyrm:Revelation", I believe) and I'll stick around as long as you do. You'll outlive me, but I'll haunt any PC fans who keep their subscriptions current. You don't think I'll let a little thing like death stop me reading your work, do you? :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's very heartening to hear, thanks very much.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I was just googling to see when the next trade back would come and i saw cancelled in the suggestions. Well that ruined my day.

    I started to read comics about a year ago and was looking for some more original series. I bought the paper back and was pleasantly surprised by the great story. A good mix of politics, conspiracies and unique characters. I was really looking forward to the rest of the story.

    I don't know if you have access to the sales numbers, but maybe you could use kickstarter or something like that to publish the remaining story arc yourself. Next to me, i already know at least one other person who would back you.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's very kind of you, but Kickstarter won't be required, because I have every reason to think we have a new publisher, who'll be taking SC on early next year. (Nothing signed yet though, so I can't say who.) Hope you'll stay with us. Cheers.

  • Anonymous Says:

    Thank goodness I read all the comments! Please keep us posted as to the new publisher. The cancellation is a total bummer. Hopefully, Ryan Kelly will be attached to future SC issues.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's my intention too.

  • George Yanez Says:

    Please figure out a way to continue I'm a fan of this series and will definitely be on the look out for the next move

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, we have high hopes!

  • Cecilia Says:

    I have just read the first volume of Saucer Country (Run), already knowing that it had been cancelled, and I even thought the first volume would be it, so first of all I'm happy to learn that there are eight more issues of it (pheeeu.) I hope they will be collected in volume, too, since I doubt I'll be able to buy the single issues.

    In any case, after reading it I'm even more sorry it was cancelled, because so far it was great. I truly hope the story can continue somehow! I root for Arcadia!

    Cheers from Italy :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. The second volume, The Reticulan Candidate, is out now in the US, so hopefully should be in Italy soon. Cheers.

  • SAM Says:

    I just finished reading the wonderfull last paperback. Great Comic! Great story! Hope to read the continuation somewhere very very soon.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much.