Peter David and Audio Bastards

It was only the other day I was told, to my surprise, that almost a year ago Starship Sofa had put out an audio adaptation of my Jonathan Hamilton story 'One of Our Bastards is Missing'.  I'd known they were planning one, of course, because they'd asked to do it and also 'Catherine Drewe', but I was kind of assuming they'd tell me when it was out.  And also that they might begin with the first story in the series.  I'm told that 'Catherine' has been recorded but not scheduled yet.  You can find 'Bastards' here, and though I'm annoyed at the offhandedness of the release, I must admit it's an excellent reading.

If you're in the US (because it's not yet available on Amazon UK), you may like to know that have released Some of the Best from..., a free anthology of stories from their website, including my own 'The Ghosts of Christmas'.  There's a link there where UK customers can see all the stories in their original versions.

My friend Peter David, acclaimed writer of comics and prose, had a stroke recently, throwing a spanner (hopefully only in the short term) in the works of him making a living.  He's a tremendous human being, who, just a couple of weeks ago, sent Tom some X-Men and Pooh sleepsuits.  I recall especially the New York Comic Con where we shared what turned out to be a highly entertaining Passover with Peter and his family.  He's one of those comics writers who builds a community around every title he's written, and I'm sure those communities will be coming to his aid now.  You can find out what you can do to help here, and I'll be sorting out something myself in the near future.  Please give back to a creator who's given so much.  Until next time, Cheerio!

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