On Signing Ebooks, and Winning Them!

The first three days of my week were spent in the writer's room for a brand new TV show.  It's great to get away from my desk, but I do find such sessions tiring.  It's weird having to use people skills and writing skills at the same time, and I worry that I'm not as kind or as useful as I could be.  So it was actually something of a relief to get back to the loneliness of the keyboard on Thursday.  It looks like I'll be delivering the first draft of the sequel to London Falling to Tor, my police officer and intelligence analyst readers, and to the special guest who appears in the book as themselves (and this needs to clear their scenes) by the end of the week, or early next.  That's a great feeling.

The first new thing will be evident to those of you reading this as a website (as opposed to those on iPads, who just see a list of blog posts, if mine is anything to go by).  In the top right corner is a widget which you can use to get (well, not 'any', but I only had so much space for the caption) a range of my ebooks signed and personalised.  (It's just those with an American Amazon identification number.  London Falling will be added when the US edition is out in April.)  It costs you nothing, and you get a PDF which you can file alongside the book.  This rather neat service is called Authorgraph.  Check out my available titles.

Speaking of authors, my publishers, Tor, this week got a bunch of us to share their writing tips, including myself, Cherie Priest and Mark Charan Newton. There's some great stuff there.

And there are two new interviews with me out there, one at Newsarama, addressing the end of Saucer Country, and the other a bit more wide-ranging, touching briefly on my whole career.

I thought I'd mention two things friends of mine are up to. Teresa Jusino has had a comic strip accepted for Monstrous, edited by Mariah McCourt, 'a collection of stories exploring body image through prose, comics, poetry, and art for women and girls'.  I'm glad such a thing will soon exist, and I'm especially pleased to see comics in the mix.

And to celebrate the release of his new short story collection Space Magic, David D. Levine has been kind enough to provide me with two ebook copies as contest prizes.  Here's the press release:

'This Endeavour Award-winning collection pulls together 15 critically acclaimed science fiction and fantasy stories that take readers from a technicolor cartoon realm to an ancient China that never was, and from an America gone wrong to the very ends of the universe.  Including the Hugo Award-winning "Tk'Tk'Tk", the Writers of the Future Award winner "Rewind", "Nucleon", "The Tale of the Golden Eagle", and many other highly-praised stories, Space Magic shows David D. Levine's talents not only as a gifted writer but as a powerful storyteller whose work explores the farthest reaches of space as well as the depths of the human heart.'  (And you can read more about Space Magic here.)

In order to win one of these ebooks, just post the answer to the following question in the comments section: what's the name of the fanzine David co-edits with his wife, Kate Yule?  (Okay, so it's not one of those giveaway questions where the answer's on this page, but it's not up to the grueling standards of one of my Christmas quizzes either.  I manually screen my comments, so if you post your answer while I'm asleep it may not appear until the morning, but don't worry, they appear chronologically.)  First two correct answers win the ebooks and I'll reply with details of how to get them.  Please specify if you want epub or mobi format.

Tomorrow I'll be diving back into the book, and during the week I'll hopefully hear about a couple of very exciting new comics projects, which I'm rather itching to tell you about.  But not yet!  Until next time, Cheerio!

5 Response to "On Signing Ebooks, and Winning Them!"

  • S. Smith Says:

    David and Kate edit "Bento".

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well done! Please drop me a line to at: paulfanfictionmas@yahoo.com and I'll send you your ebook.

    The first winner was John Medany, whose answer comment I, foolishly, published (!) before realising that rather gave the game away and deleting it!

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    Apropos of not this, am I the first or the fiftieth to note that Leonard on Big Bang Theory is a Saucer Country fan? Freeze the DVR on last night's ep when Sheldon is packing up his once-and-future roommate's comics, there's Issue 1!

    (P.S. It was an emotional rollercoaster, or quantumly impossible series of high-speed saucer 180s, to read the most moving comic in recent memory with “Fairyland” and then learn the book was cancelled and then see your resolve to get the craft airborne elsewhere -- no book offers more compelling though and existential thrills and I’m certain the audience is out there!)

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    Compelling "thought," not "though" -- what are we paying that anti-bot ID verification algorithm for?? :-)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm glad to hear it, and I await seeing the episode over here. And thanks for your kind words about 'Fairyland'. Cheers.