My Nominables

This is the (now almost required rather than widely abused, thank goodness) post where I list what I had out there last year that is eligible, (or nominable, as I like to say) for the various genre awards at the moment, notably the Hugos.

There is, of course, in the Novel category, London Falling (Tor).

In the Novelette category, there's 'The Ghosts of Christmas' for

In Short Story, there's 'A New Arrival at the House of Love' in Solaris Rising 1.5.

And I've got two shots at Graphic Story: Saucer Country: Run (Vertigo) and Demon Knights: Seven Against the Dark (DC).

If you see fit to nominate any of the above then you have my eternal thanks.  Cheerio!

5 Response to "My Nominables"

  • Chris Sheehan Says:

    Just finished London Falling today, very much enjoyed it! When I'm studying for my exams I often pick up a novel and read one chapter a night to switch off from studying - unfortunately I found I couldn't stop at just one chapter, and often read into the wee hours, leaving me knackered for the next day! How long are you going to keep us waiting for the next book in the series? :)

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much. Hope you do okay nevertheless. The next one is out in December.

  • Chris Sheehan Says:

    Thank you. After I finished it I found two of your previous novels on Amazon, so I look forward to reading those, as well as to next December. I appreciate that you probably don't want to be drawn into a discussion online, but I do have a question - I'm a big fan of Captain Britain and MI13, as well as Wisdom. Are you familiar with Ronald D Moore's idea of naturalistic science-fiction ( Would you say that you have a similar vision for the genres you've written in, in particular fantasy in London Falling and the superhero genre with CB&MI13? Would you maybe even count Battlestar Galactica as an influence in that regard?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I was a BG fan, but never really looked into the behind the scenes stuff, so no, I wasn't aware. I think he makes a good point. I think a lot of my work goes in that direction.

  • Chris Sheehan Says:

    Thank you. All the best for the new year and looking forward to the next book in the series.