For Jay

I've done some ridiculous things in my time, but rarely for such a good cause.  My friend the writer Jay Lake has, for the longest time, been suffering from cancer of the colon, and it's not looking great.  However, there's a small possibility than some extra help might be available.  A group of those who know and love Jay (and that includes just about anyone who's been to an SF convention) have got together to raise funds for him to have whole genome sequencing.  This may suggest a new treatment path.  And the information gained can help further the whole business of using data like this in cancer treatment, and thus help others to.

You can find out all about what turned out to be an extraordinary gathering of authors promising to do whimsical things for different levels of donations, and see the wonderful sum of money that's so far been raised (and, of course, make a donation yourself), here.

As you can see, when the level of funding reached $9000, which it did within a couple of hours of the appeal's launch, I was thus compelled to do my bit.  And so, with great trepidation, here it is...

Yes, I know.  The best you can say about it really is that it exists.  But I think my co-star is cute.

It can't really compete with Mary Robinette Kowal reading the classics in a way which can only be described as 'bracing'.

Now, Jay is a very popular chap, so it's perhaps no surprise that actually two fundraising campaigns concerning him were started within days of each other.  The other one is Lakeside, a plan (which will now go ahead, because that also has done very nicely in terms of funding) to make a documentary about him.  That's also worth your money.

And here's Jay himself (for those of you on Facebook), reacting to everything that's happened.  He is, as anyone will tell you, a lovely fellow.  I hope he sticks around.

To move onto much less important matters, rounding up a few things from the last few days, there's a new interview with me, chiefly concerned with London Falling, up at Civilian Reader.

Charlie Jane Anders at i09 was kind enough to include the US edition of the novel in that website's list of essential books coming in 2013.

And Joe Gordon of Forbidden Planet International included it in his best of the year list.

Anyhow, I hope I haven't melted your eardrums, but whether or not I've harmed you this evening, mentally or physically, do wander over to the parent site for all our endeavors, and give a little something.  Cheerio!

16 Response to "For Jay"

  • Fred Kiesche Says:

    Can't. Stop. Laughing. Worth every penny I donated just to see stuff like this!!!

  • Emma Newman Says:

    Oh that was just brilliant. I love the little note that Tom contributed - he's grown so much! Then I got all teary-eyed at the end. Full of win on so many levels. I think your left arm was channelling Kate Bush for a lot of that.

  • Mary Robinette Kowal Says:

    I adore this beyond reason.

  • Suzan Harden Says:

    Tom is the most adorable co-star ever! Excellent job, Paul!

  • Beth Says:

    Wonderful beyond belief. And brave. Very brave, even with the human shield.

  • Michelle Knowlton Says:

    Very cute co-star

  • Marjorie Says:

    Wonderful! (And without, I trust, appearing to under value your own performance, I have to admit Tom's reactions made this, for me!)
    Worth every penny (& more) of my contribution !

  • Caroline Symcox Says:

    When we get to the middle eight you might notice the camera shaking violently. That was me unable to contain my laughter and uncontrollably shaking. So much fun to film. :D

  • Marjorie Says:

    I was laughing so much I put it down to me-shake rather than camera shake!

  • Beth Says:

    Brilliant! And what Fred said.

  • Fred Kiesche Says:

    Still can't get through more than 55 seconds before I start cracking up.

    And Tom was wonderful as well.

  • frandowdsofa Says:

    Gosh, I understood a lot of the lyrics for the first time!

  • Dave Hogg Says:

    That was just brilliant, Paul. The money that we donated is for Jay, but the extra benefits have been wonderful.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, everyone. It was great to be able to do that with Tom, and have Caroline film it. Tom's 'ah' is his first word on film! (Well, critical comment, really.)

  • Auntie M Says:

    Don't quit your day jobbe. But this is so funny. And Tom is a great addition.
    Here's to Jay and the silliness he has unleashed on the world. Well worth my donation.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Glad to hear it.