A Whole Bunch of Stuff

Because it's been an immensely busy week (which these days aren't?), I haven't paid enough attention to the blog, and so there's loads of stuff from different areas of my life to catch you up with.  The big news, personally, was that London Falling went to reprint, meaning the first edition sold out, so any remaining shops with it on their shelves don't intend to return them.  If you want a first edition, and you see one in the wild, you'd better act now, as they say in telemarketing.

The Sequence a Science Fiction Writer campaign in aid of Jay Lake has now made more than double its original target, but there are still some exciting 'acts of whimsy' stretch goals ahead for those who donate, including Lawrence Schoen doing pick up lines in Klingon, and the prospect of Jay Lake: The Musical.  Jay was kind enough to respond to our efforts with the following...

Which includes him impersonating me (is that really my accent?) and using a... well, you'll see, as an avatar of Tom.  Tom, seeing this, was initially a little disturbed, but then quite entertained.  Thank you, Jay.

Howard Tayler was also kind enough, as part of his Act of Whimsy, to create the following cartoon of all of us doing our bit...

I'm the one with the sonic screwdriver.

In other news, Big Finish's recent poll of its Best Doctor Who releases of 2012 was won by 'Love and War'! And so there's a special offer on the title this weekend.

And out on 11th April will be Solaris Rising 2, an original SF anthology in which I've got a story (quite an adult one, which many months ago when I wrote it I rather unwisely titled 'Tom', not considering that I might want to soon use that name in a vastly different context).  I'm in the good company of people like Nancy Kress, Nick Harkaway, Norman Spinrad and Liz Williams.  You can take a look and pre-order the paperback here.

My Public Lending Right statement this year made interesting reading.  This is the wonderful service that gives authors monies from books lent by libraries.  My most-loaned titles were my Action Comics run, followed by, oddly, Dark X-Men (I guess that title is intriguing).  This was before London Falling was released, however, so it'll be interesting to see how that does.

I've made my traditional Oscar bets (which normally get a blog post of their own, I know).  This year, with Lincoln looking about to win everything, it's been tough to find value.  Note that I don't think that these are necessarily what deserve to win, nor even what I think is going to win, these are options where, to me, the odds given seem longer than their real chances.  I've put £10 on each, and am looking for one or two of them to come through, thus making me a profit...

Best Picture: Les Miserables (9/1).  It's dramatic, it's political, and it's vaguely possible that if the Academy think Lincoln is too obvious... no, you're right.
Best Director: Ang Lee (5/1).  Good odds for the second favourite.
Best Actress: Quvenzhane Wallis (25/1).  Come on, talented child, aging academy, suckers for the little ones, and 25/1?!  I'll take that.
Best Actor: Bradley Cooper (25/1). Never in a million years, actually.  But I make it a point never to bet against movies about mental illness.
AND Hugh Jackman (8/1), because they'll give him something soon, and it's possible the Academy decide Daniel Day-Lewis has been over-awarded now.
Best Supporting Actress: Sally Field (14/1).  If Lincoln is going to beat everything, I'll take the 14/1 shot from that group.
Best Supporting Actor: I got nothing.  Could be any of them.  Little value.
And I took a punt on Best Animated Feature: Wreck-It Ralph (11/2), because the favourites were Frankenweenie (I don't think the Academy like Tim Burton that much) and Brave (which seemed a bit too all over the place to win) and because in this category nobody knows anything.

Wish me luck!

There's a new (and excellent) Wild Cards story, 'When we were Heroes' up on Tor, this one by Daniel Abraham, and illustrated by John Picacio, as will be my own attempt, appearing in the same place later this year.

The latest episode of The SF Squeecast is now up, in which I discuss the recent 2000AD story 'Trifecta'.

One of my favourite critics, Niall Alexander, now has a regular column at Tor, the very useful British Genre Fiction Focus, which will bring all the news from this side of the pond over to that one.

And finally, here's proof that my wife's former band, Boogie Me, are still going strong...

If you're in Oxfordshire or the surrounding area, and you want to hire an r'n'b orchestra, or just see them in action, take a look here.

Phew, that's it!  I'm off to spend Monday-Wednesday in the writer's room of that new TV series I've mentioned (and Tom gets his second lots of immunisations on Tuesday, so it's awkward to be away from the little chap).  Until next time, then, Cheerio!

4 Response to "A Whole Bunch of Stuff"

  • Kevin Says:

    Nope, that's not even remotely your accent. Amazing performance anyway.

  • Stan Says:

    Love your Oscar choices. Damn right about Bradley Cooper at 25/1 and mental illness, but I don't seem him getting it.

    What were the odds on Lincoln/Spielberg doing the Best Film/Best Director double?

    Here's my thoughts on the Oscars hoopla

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I would have thought that double would be pretty likely.