London Falling eBook Activated!

It's been a long wait, and it's one of the things I was asked most frequently about, but London Falling is now available for ebook pre-order, for UK customers, from almost all online bookshops, prior to its release on December 6th.

The physical form of the book, in trade paperback, is now being sent out from postal booksellers, and has been reported on loads of book shop shelves too, so do take a look in your local store and see if it's in there early.

SFX Magazine have chosen to head this piece about a forthcoming signing I'm doing as 'see author Paul Cornell in Bath this month'. Cheeky, I thought.

Many Happy Returns, the multi-author, everyone who was involved pops in and does a turn, Bernice Summerfield anniversary celebration, all proceeds of which go towards helping research into M.E., is out now from Big Finish. I'm really pleased with it, and my own contribution is one of my best pieces of Bernice writing, I think.

This coming Thursday night is the big launch night for London Falling at London's Forbidden Planet, and I hope to see loads of you there.  I'm planning on bringing along champers.

But the main reason for me blogging this evening is because it's December, and therefore Christmas is on the way (Tom's first!) and so, by way of tradition on this blog, it's time for...

I still haven't decided what form this year's Twelve Blogs of Christmas will take, or if I'll be too exhausted to manage it at all.  I'll let you know ahead of time.  Cheerio!

5 Response to "London Falling eBook Activated!"

  • Braincapers Says:

    You can't see the Must Be Santa video too many times.

  • Justine Etzkorn Says:

    London Falling will be available in Canada April next, correct?

    I look forward to reading then.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Indeed, Brain, you can't. And Justine, yes, if Canada follows US release dates. Thanks very much.

  • Martin McCallion Says:

    Wow! I think I just got a new second-best Christmas song ever! Bob even looks a bit like Shane in it. I don't need to say what the best is, do I? That's, like, a universal constant now, right?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well, for most people, but I've gotten really bored by it. But I do think Bob should get in the charts as often.