Launch Day

The big day is nearly here.  Thursday the sixth of December sees the official launch of London Falling, marked with a reading and signing at London's Forbidden Planet.  I think little Tom may be coming along.  Let's hope I don't end up having to change him on the signing table.

That's also the day when the ebook becomes available, DRM free if you order it from Tor themselves, or, from other online stores, in a cheaper version that doesn't give you the ability to share it between devices.

I've done a new five question interview for Tor that gets to the heart of things, and in the same place you can now read, for free, the first two chapters of the book.

And my BSFA appearance, where I read from the book and am interviewed by Roz Kaveney, is now online on audio, courtesy of The Doctor Who Podcast.

I know another question in the This Time Next Year Game has resolved itself.  I'll save that for a blog this weekend.

Hearing so many good reactions from people who've already read the novel is really heartening.  I'm still really nervous about launch day, though.  I'll be coming straight from a TV writer's room, and in my dreams (which are always utterly on the nose) there'll be only three people waiting for me, and they'll all only want me to sign Doctor Who stuff.  I'm going to bring a bottle of champagne along, and try and share it with... well, all three of you.  December 6th is the culmination of such a long journey for me, the completion of an enormous project, which was originally a New Year's Resolution: to be a novelist again.  I hope, if you're in the London area, you'll consider coming along and sharing the moment with me. Until tomorrow, then... Cheerio!

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