A Week of Events Ahead

I stagger to my computer, dear audience, after a night of not one, but two, poopocalypses (defined as being when Tom needs to have everything he's wearing changed) and an emergency bath.  Which, of course, left him all smiles, and with his hair nicely tufty.  And me looking rather the opposite.

The launch of London Falling at Forbidden Planet on Thursday was brilliant, packed out, and it was lovely to have so many friends along.  (And thank you especially to the lady from Aylesbury who brought along a gift for Tom.)  I rushed over to it following a day in the writer's room of a new TV show I'm working on (something brand new, nothing with any connection to an existing brand), and it was a good feeling to bring those two worlds together.  

It was also very comfy, on Friday night, to go from that to the British Fantasy Society meeting in the hobbit hole under London Bridge that is the Mug House pub.  I rather wish that was there every Friday.

I've been delighted with the reception for the book thus far. Damien Walter in SFX gave it this glowing review, Niall Alexander at Tor.Com (I know, but their reviews are independent, and that's the US cover by the way), was also delightful and David Barnett of the Independent on Sunday picked it as one of his books of the year. All very pleasing.

This coming week I'm on a round of promotional activities.  On Tuesday, December 11th, I'll be at Waterstones Reading Oracle at 5pm, then at Waterstones Staines at 7.30pm. (I'll be reading at the latter, and they're charging a £3 entry fee.)  Then on Wednesday, December 12th, at 7.45pm, I'll be at Topping and Company in Bath (£5 in advance, £6 on the day). And on Thursday, 13th December, from 6.30pm, I'll be at Blackwell's Charing Cross, where I'll be interviewed by Ben Aaronovitch in an event which forms this year's Pornokitsch Christmas party. (There will be rum.)  By the end of that little lot I'm going to need a lie down.

Some lovely publicity folk associated with Tor have set up a Facebook author page for me.  It'll be kept up to date with everything that's happening, and if you're on FB, it's a good way to follow what I'm up to.

Some folk in Australia have asked how to get London Falling.  The trade paperback has indeed been shipped out there, and you should be able to find it in (or order it from) your local indie book store, Dymocks, or the Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney.  Otherwise, Book Depository is your friend.  The Pan Macmillan Australia website is still listing the book as not yet published, but that maybe just them, so if you're down there and have gotten your hands on a copy, let me know.

To move on to matters away from London Falling... this blog's traditional Twelve Blogs of Christmas will start tomorrow!  Having very little time or energy left, I made an appeal to my friends, and they came forward in droves, which was tremendously lovely of them, forming up around an idea that Bill Willingham put forward.  So there will be, over the course of the next twelve days, twelve guest blogs, each of them dealing with a particular theme.  You'll see what that is tomorrow.  Exciting!  Because of my mad lifestyle over that time, they may well appear at wildly differing hours of the day, so keep checking in or watching Twitter.

Tor.com are putting out some of the best short fiction that they've featured on their site in 2012 in a free e-book, the precisely titled Some of the Best from Tor.com 2012, which you can pre-order now.  My story 'The Ghosts of Christmas' will be in it, but hasn't yet appeared on the site.  (I'll let you know when it does!)

And there are two new interviews out there about my forthcoming run on Wolverine with Alan Davis (including the first sightings of Alan's artwork), one at CBR, one at Newsarama.

And finally, another question has been settled in the This Time Next Year game.  Grant Morrison is the writer credited on the current issue of Action Comics, which gives a point to: LL; Matthew Hyde; Soru; Uther Dean; Nick Pheas; Fizzle; Paul F; RHeitzmann and Liz.  (There may be a last Number One Single point scored tonight, but I'll sort that out along with the final results.)  With the game ending next Thursday, the league table now looks like this:

Paul F: 12
RHeitzmann: 12

L.M. Myles: 11
Soru: 11

Fizzle: 10
Liz: 10
Uther Dean: 10

Matthew Hyde: 9
Phil Hansen: 9

B-Guymer: 8
Michael Lee: 8
Nick Pheas: 8

C.A. Young: 7
David Bishop: 7
Penny Heal and Jason Stevens: 7
PSmithsonian: 7
Tom: 7

Dean Hazell: 6

Jennifer Kelley: 5
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: 5

Ads: 4
James Fairlie: 4

Kendersule: 3
L.L.: 3
N.J.: 3
Run Iago: 3

Adam Short: 2

So there's all to play for going into the final stretch.  You're all doing very well!  And I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow, for the festive feeling that comes with the first one of our Twelve Blogs of Christmas! Until then, Cheerio!

7 Response to "A Week of Events Ahead"

  • elenopa Says:

    It was a lovely event on Thursday.

    Thank you for the champange. It warmed up my toes on a very cold evening.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    You're welcome, thanks for coming along.

  • Alex_Jamieson Says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at my old employer Blackwell on Thurs.
    Saw you interviewing Mr Aaronovitch a few months back, and really enjoyed it. Happy to hear of all the positive responses to the book so far!

  • NickPheas Says:

    So when do you anticipate being able to supply a bit more detail on this TV project?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Alex: it's great, I'm really loving that people are finally getting to see it. See you on Thursday. Nick: sometime early next year, I should think.

  • rheitzmann Says:

    I hate to be the one to point it out, but I think I should have earned a point for this question. Thanks for doing all the book keeping, the "This Time Next Year" game has been very fun and exciting!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Sorry about that, just a mistake on my part. I've now re-checked the scores, and edited the blog post (and my files) to give you your point.