Wolverine and Saucer Country

So all the details are now out in the open: I'll be writing the new Wolverine series for Marvel, starting with #1, out next March.  And, to my great delight, the artist will be Alan Davis.

You can read about our plans for the series in two interviews here and here.  There'll be more forthcoming.  One thing I should address that I mention in the interviews without explaining: I'm going to have Wolverine refer to himself as James Logan.  I know that's not the name he pays his taxes under.  But it's his chosen 'human name' (as Cyclops would put it) now, for reasons that are meaningful, and which old-time readers may well be able to work out quite easily.  Having said that, the new series will be entirely new-reader friendly.  You don't need to know a thing about the world or the characters going in.  I'm very much looking forward to March.

Meanwhile, in other comics news, today is the day when the first trade paperback of Saucer Country, 'Run', is in book shops and comic shops everywhere.  You can order it from Amazon (who insist the publication date is December 4th), or, if you're in the USA, you can take advantage of this generous offer. Trade waiters, the wait is over!

And finally, the latest edition of The SF Squeecast is out now, in which I talk about Quatermass, and things get quite out of hand.  Cheerio!

9 Response to "Wolverine and Saucer Country"

  • govikes Says:

    Congrats on Wolverine! Now that you are working with Marvel again I hope you can do more with the Black Knight and Faiza someday.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Maybe one day, but I have no plans at the moment. Cheers.

  • Anne Gray Says:

    Oh, very exciting. Now I'm looking forward to march too!

  • Unknown Says:

    Very excited to meet your inner-Claremont, Paul! I was keen for the book before reading that, but can't wait now. You did great on Superman and Batman, so hoping for a hat-trick with Wolverine.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Anne and Ben!

  • Dwight Williams Says:

    The implied suggestion comes to my mind: "James Howlett Logan".

    Well, he can get his name legally changed in Canada as easily as in the States, I suppose.

    Let me know the next time you decide to have him drop into Ottawa, okay?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I lived in Toronto for a while, so I'd like to do a Canadian story for him.

  • Stay@HomeDad Says:

    As a reader of Wolverine since the 80s, when in recent history as Wolverine ever referred to himself as James Logan? He didn't even know his name was James Howlett until House of M. It was brought up by Melita, and some crap character in that Wolverine Origins book, but literally nobody in the world calls him James Logan, especially the character himself.

    This bugs me to no end

    I hope this idea is forgotten

    Good luck on the book, Wolverine's solo book has been so directionless for so many years.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I think the two things you said there contradict each other. The name is my direction. I'd say you're going to be disappointed about it being forgotten, but I also say you won't be. Just ask yourself: what's his name? And what does he hear inside himself when he asks that question?