Win London Falling and Everything Else from Tor

Just a couple of things to mention to you among my usual round of typing and poo.  I thought I might actually write 'the end' on the sequel to London Falling today, but it was not to be, and I'm ahead of the deadline there anyway, so that'll happen sometime next week.  I'm now getting so used to changing Tom in the middle of the night that I'm never certain these days, when I wake up, how many times I've done it.  It's getting to be an unconscious process, like a US Marine assembling their rifle.  'There are many babies like him, but this one is mine...'  We had a family outing to the 100th Aylesbury Sci Fi Meet Up last night, and it was great fun as always.  Although it did give me my first experience of changing Tom in a public toilet, and let's just say he made sure it was a baptism of fire.  ('How did he get it on his shoulders?!')

I was pleased to see this very positive write-up of London Falling in the Guardian as part of Damien Walter's survey of fantasy books with London settings.

I've done a new interview, largely about the book, for the Ginger Nuts of Horror blog.

And if you'd like to have a chance to win not only London Falling, but every other book Tor releases in December (including novels by Cherie Priest, Douglas Adams and Peter F. Hamilton), then take a look here.

Lots of stuff happening next week, including my appearance at the BSFA on Wednesday.  Until then, Cheerio!

2 Response to "Win London Falling and Everything Else from Tor"

  • Emma Newman Says:

    On of the Bean's favourite factoids from his early years is that he managed to pee in his own ear. I am so glad that nappy phase is now a distant and rather amusing (in retrospect) phase of our lives.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I won't mind when it's over, either!