So yesterday night, iFanboy ran this promo image as an exclusive...

Apart from confirming that I am, indeed, the Cornell concerned, and adding that, while being excited to work once more with my old comrades at Marvel, on something that truly kicks arse, I will continue writing Saucer Country for Vertigo... that's all I can say.  Expect more detail early next week.

Today I got the first box of proper copies of my new novel, London Falling, through from Tor (oh, that new book smell, so much better when it's your own!), and of course, there's loads of stuff happening about that, so to update you...

I've written a new blog for Forbidden Planet International in their Director's Commentary series, about the writing of the book.

And in the latest issue of SFX Magazine (#229) I'm interviewed, and you can read a sample chapter from the novel.

It's a great write-up, and I really like the photo of me (by Rob Monk) that goes with it (I so rarely like photos of myself).  All in all, the SFX team have done me proud.  Thanks, guys!  Mind you, there are some spoilers for the book, my own fault, in that I was interviewed before I'd decided what I was going to hold back.  It only applies to the first third or so, though, so you won't lose any plot twists.

Another date's been added to my London Falling signing tour.  On December 11th I'll be appearing at Waterstones Reading Oracle at 5pm, before heading onto Waterstones Staines later that same evening. (Details for both on the same link.)

I've started an Amazon Author Page (which is very US-specific, being a US Amazon service), which lists all my available books, and features other goodies besides. You can find that here.

And I've done a new interview, specifically about Saucer Country, with, which you can find here.

The other comics thing I've done this week which has caused some reaction is a big moment for The Shining Knight in the latest issue of Demon Knights.  You can read a little commentary on what happened, get some context for it, and hear my reaction here. It's sort of a parting gift from me, for an audience who were already clued-in to one aspect of the Knight that hadn't yet been quite said out loud.

And as I promised on Twitter... baby pictures!

Look out, Caroline, look out!


I feel I would enjoy an expedition.  Arrange it.

I may have miscalculated.

Until next time, Cheerio!

14 Response to "Snikt!"

  • Unknown Says:

    Ooh! Reading. Excellent.

    Although, the little write up they've given seems to suit "Something More", rather than London Falling... unless I've fallen in to a bizarre parallel universe where "London Falling" really is your first novel...! :)

  • D.D. Heal Says:

    How does it feel to return to Marvel and do you feel you come a long way since your Marvel Comics debut with Wisdom?

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    The interverse can buzz all it wants about whatever character it is whose hands go "snikt!"; I'm focusing on that exclusive photo of the new Star-Spangled Kid!

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    The interverse can buzz all it wants about whatever character it is whose hands go "snikt!"; I'm focusing on that exclusive photo of the new Star-Spangled Kid!

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    [This new-to-me interface said like four times in a row that I'd entered the wrong bot-repellent magic words; sorry if my comment overstayed its welcome four or fivefold.]

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Unknown: well, I have been away a long time. DD: it's good to be back. I seem to have been writing comics for a weirdly long time now. Adam: yeah, I sometimes have problems with that too.

  • Jeremy Says:

    Cornell + Davis...I'm really hoping this is a new Excalibur team..."snikt" could be the sound of a sword being drawn. ; ) Maybe call it "X-Caliber" this time. Could be the new team Storm forms at the end of X-Men. Maybe with Pixie, X-23 (another reason for the "snikt"), Jubilee, Kitty Pryde (& Lockheed), Rachel Grey, Nocturne, Sage, and Armor. Doesn't have to be all girls, could also have Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Juggernaut (Cain, not Colossus), Chamber, Beast, Angel, Iceman, Gambit, and Northstar or Cannonball.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Ha ha! No, it's not that. Sorry!

  • pbristow Says:

    "Apart from confirming that I am, indeed, the Cornell concerned ... "

    Damn! I was hoping it was Tom's first work. =:o?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I may let him have a go.

  • Adam McGovern Says:

    X-Babies it is then...but I won't tell a soul :-).

  • Stay@HomeDad Says:

    I'm excited to see you come on Wolverine and hopefully you have a nice, long over arching story to tell that is actually full of layers.

    on a serious note, because we fanboys are like that, Wolverine's name is Logan, with his birth name being James Howlett. Not "James Logan". James Logan as his name does not exist.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    That's the name he's chosen to go by now, in my series. I think, as a long time reader, you may enjoy, and find it quite easy to work out, why he would do that.