A Swift Update

Having been up in the night on the usual three occasions to change Tom's nappy (my duty and my joy), I'm now preparing to head into London for the first of four days of storylining as part of an actual writer's room, for a brand new TV series.  I've always been a supporter of the writer's room format, but never had the chance to participate.  So this is going to be interesting.  And it'll be great to have Tom to come home to.

The first date in my London Falling tour is tomorrow (Wednesday) night.  I'll be the guest at this month's BSFA London Meeting, reading from the book and being interviewed by Roz Kaveney.  I'm a regular at these get-togethers, which are always warm and friendly, an ideal introduction for any newcomer to SF fandom.  And I always like a pub venue with a closed-off bar for the fans to gather in.  Please do come along if you can.  I'll be raffling the first actual copy (as opposed to advanced review copy) of the novel to be let out into the wild, plus other goodies.

Another way for you to get hold of the book, as I mentioned last time, is by entering this Tor contest, where you can win everything my publishers release in December.  You've still got time to join in.

And finally, the Development Deal feature at CBR has been kind enough to think about what Saucer Country would be like as a TV series.

I go now to shave, ready to march out into the darkness and possibly have a nice coffee somewhere before meeting my fellow writers.  Cheerio!

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