This Time Next Year Game Update - Again!

Another one so soon?  Yes, because Rihanna's 'Diamonds' going to Number One has resulted in a slew of points for people who correctly predicted the answer to the first question in our year-long guessing game, namely: B-Guymer; Matthew Hyde; Nick Pheas; Paul F; Liz and LM Myles.  

Which makes the new league table look like this:

L.M. Myles: 11

Paul F: 10

Fizzle: 9
Liz: 9
Phil Hansen: 9
RHeitzmann: 9
Soru: 9

B-Guymer: 8
Uther Dean: 8

Matthew Hyde: 7
Michael Lee: 7
Penny Heal and Jason Stevens: 7
Tom: 7

C.A. Young: 6
David Bishop: 6
Dean Hazell: 6
Nick Pheas: 6
PSmithsonian: 6

Jennifer Kelley: 5
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: 5

Ads: 3
James Fairlie: 3
Kendersule: 3
N.J.: 3
Run Iago: 3

Adam Short: 2
L.L.: 2

And if Adele gets there next week, a few more will be added!  Phew, it's all go, isn't it?  Cheerio!

2 Response to "This Time Next Year Game Update - Again!"

  • Phil Hansen Says:

    Come on Adele! I need to catch up!

    Off topic: I am going to see Saint Etienne for the first time on the last stop of their US tour in Los Angeles! I am deeply envious that Sarah Cracknell sang at your wedding -- was that as awesome as I imagine?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    It was that awesome. Have a great time, they're wonderful live!