The Future of Demon Knights

A couple of days back came the official announcement of something I'd decided upon weeks before, that I'd be leaving Demon Knights with #15.  I felt I was getting tired, and once I was sure that the title would continue without me, I thought it'd be best to leave after 16 issues (including #0), the nearest approximation to my two time personal best of 15 issues and an Annual (on both Action Comics and Captain Britain and MI-13).  I know that comics fans sometimes see 'I'm giving up the title when you leave' as a compliment, but I really want to see this world that myself, Matt Idelson, Chris Conroy and Dio built continue, especially since the wonderful Bernard Chang is staying on as artist.  And indeed, judging by the response on Twitter, the majority of you are going to stay put, which is immensely pleasing, so thank you for that.  And also, thanks for all the kind words about my work on the title.  I get the feeling it's become a favourite with a lot of people, and I suspect that'll continue.

I couldn't be more pleased that the writer taking over the title is new to DC Comics, someone who's built up a fine reputation outside of the big two, the creator of The Surrogates (so he's already had a movie made from his work)  and the current writer of X-O Manowar, Robert Venditti.

I thought it only proper to ask Robert to pop along today, say hello, and tell us a little about what his future plans are for the title.  So here he is...

"I imagine many of you are surprised to see me here. I’m surprised to be here. First, an explanation: If you haven’t heard, I’m going to be taking over the writing duties for Demon Knights with issue sixteen, which will be on the stands this January. Paul, class act that he is, offered me the chance to introduce myself to the series’ readers on his blog. An act of generosity that exceeds the already uniformly positive things I’ve known or heard about Paul.

Just as surprising is that I’d find myself in this position at all. I came to comics through a somewhat circuitous route. I didn’t read my first comic book until I was twenty-six years old, and when I set out to write them, never did I imagine I’d someday be writing a book that featured high adventure, magic, knights, demons, scoundrels, dragons (both real and mechanical), and a whole host of things that to twenty-six-year-old me would’ve seemed like winning the storytelling lottery.

So what exactly will I be doing with this ragtag band of misfits we all know and love? Well, without getting too deep into spoilers, I can say that the end of issue fifteen will offer an opportunity to spin things in a new direction, while still remaining true to the mythology that Paul has laid down. Issue sixteen will begin decades removed from the previous arc, and the team will find themselves thrown together after having spent many years apart. Most of them will not be happy about this. And rest assured, all the core cast members will be present— though in ways I hope will surprise you—and for some the years will have been kinder than others.

My sincere thanks to DC for bringing me aboard, and even more thanks to Paul for leaving me with so many great characters and storylines to play with. Above all, my focus will be to maintain the high level of action, story, and nuanced character that Paul has made a hallmark of the series.

See you all in January,

Robert Venditti
Writer of The Surrogates, X-O Manowar, and soon . . . Demon Knights!"

Very kind of him.  I look forward to reading it.  And the 'meet up again decades later' idea has a real mythic resonance to it; an intriguing place to begin.  With the same editor in place (the wonderful Chris Conroy), Demon Knights' place in the wider DC Universe remains, and the plans laid down will, I'm sure, continue.  So please stick around and support the new team.

I'm not gone yet, mind you.  Demon Knights #13-15 is our Hell arc, which I think is some of my best work on the title.  It introduces concepts that will play out across the DCU, and ends with a bang.  Saucer Country continues at Vertigo, with a three-parter, 'The Reticulan Candidate' starting next Wednesday that I think may be some of my best work in any comic.  And there'll be some big comics news from me soon.

We're still waiting for Spud to arrive.  Tomorrow is the actual due date, so we're sure now that our little one is thoroughly baked.  It shouldn't be a surprise that they're comfy in there and don't want to come out.  The nursery has now been supplied with large numbers of baby books (mostly supplied by Tor, who load me up with them whenever I visit the offices).  I've managed to focus and do loads of work in the run-in, passing 100k on the sequel novel, and working on some very exciting projects in various media.

And of course, in a few weeks, the publicity drive for London Falling will begin.  And I'll be doing that with a Spud onboard!

So our lives continue to change in ways big and small.  I hope you'll continue to be along for the ride.  Cheerio!

13 Response to "The Future of Demon Knights"

  • Eric in Ottawa Says:

    I'm very sorry to hear that you're leaving Demon Knights, Paul! DK is hands down my favorite New 52 series. However, I respect leaving a title if you're tired of it, and I'm excited about Verditti (loving X-O!).

    I'm a lifelong DC fan but I'm not digging a lot of the new titles except for some great bright spots like DK, GL, and Resurrection Man. I'm not attached to the old universe; just not really enjoying the new one. Being in a different time and place, it feels like DK can simply be great fantasy series without being too concerned with the other titles.

    Thanks for the great 16 issues! Speaking of which... you've written as many Etrigan issues as Jack Kirby!


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    But others have written far more! Thanks very much.

  • govikes Says:

    Sorry that you are leaving Demon Knights. my favorite comic, but I am looking forward to seeing what's up next.


  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I'm glad to hear it, and thank you.

  • knightos Says:

    Really appreciate all the work you've put into DC and hope to see you on another title soon. Demon Knights has been great (and I still miss you on Stormwatch). Very cool of you to introduce the new writer, too. Hope all goes wonderfully with the little one!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you!

  • Afannamedshawn Says:

    Paul I can say I have followed you since you started on Action Comics and have been reading each DC Comics book you have put out. When you pitched Demon Knights in a pod cast from a comic con panel and said you where so excited about getting to f@%$ around with DC's past I was sold. Saucer Country is a blast too! You have a dedicated fan and thank you for all the fun sir!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you so much!

  • Martin Gray Says:

    Demon Knights has been wonderful, and I look forward to it being differently wonderful. As for Saucer Country, it just gets better ...

    All the best to you and Caroline for the Spudtastic future!

  • David page Says:

    Thank you for the great issues and I love what you did with Vandal Savage. Between you and young justice (the tv series) we have had a great version of the character this past two years.

    I shall continue to support demon knights and just hope that vandal continues to make me chuckle for as long as he is around.

    Thank you again!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, you two.

  • DM Says:

    I know I'm late to the punch, but...GOOD GODS, I MISS YOU.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Very kind of you!