Everything That Isn't Tom

We have a son, Thomas Joseph Cornell, born 8.07am on October 21st 2012, weighing in at 8lb 3oz.

Nothing else matters very much.  We're now well into the business of being new parents, with all the sleepless nights that involves, and so I don't have the energy to tell the full story of his arrival right now, though I will.  I've managed to keep working, mainly because whatever hormones are pushing me around in the child rearing part of my life are active there too.  So a few small matters needed doing on the blog, and I thought I'd get them sorted and then get back to changing nappies.

There's a big new interview with me at SF Signal, covering just about everything that's happening in my writing life right now.

The softcover collection of Saucer Country 1-6 (plus the prologue from Strange Adventures) has arrived on my desk, but won't get into stores until November 21st...

Irene Gallo of Tor.com has been kind enough to release Scott Bakal's lovely artwork for the story (it is now revealed) I've written to appear on their site this December: The Ghosts of Christmas.  

It's an honour to have been asked to do it, and I'm very proud of the story.  

The full-cast Big Finish drama adaptation of Love and War has now been released

And finally, a point's been scored in the This Time Next Year Game, with rheitzmann guessing that a volume of The Essential Thor would be released in the time frame covered.  This leaves our league table looking like this:

L.M. Myles: 11
Paul F: 11
RHeitzmann: 11

Soru: 10

Fizzle: 9
Liz: 9
Phil Hansen: 9
Uther Dean: 9

B-Guymer: 8
Matthew Hyde: 8
Michael Lee: 8

C.A. Young: 7
David Bishop: 7
Nick Pheas: 7
Penny Heal and Jason Stevens: 7
Tom: 7

Dean Hazell: 6
PSmithsonian: 6

Jennifer Kelley: 5
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: 5

Ads: 4
James Fairlie: 4

Kendersule: 3
N.J.: 3
Run Iago: 3

Adam Short: 2
L.L.: 2

As I said, it's nothing enormous compared to the joy that's arrived in our lives.  He really is wonderful.  And now I want to get back to him.  Until next time, Cheerio!

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