Chicks Unravel Time and Other Matters

(For those who are looking out for them, this post contains a This Time Next Year Game Update.)

Chicks Unravel Time is the new book in the Chicks Dig Time Lords series, this one being a season by season survey of Doctor Who by women writers.  Those include a number of friends of mine, including Juliet McKenna, Tempest Bradford, Aliette de Bodard, Teresa Jusino, Lynne Thomas, Mags Halliday and Seanan McGuire, and one of the editors is my great friend L.M.Myles.

From the table of contents, it's clear the book has a refreshingly radical agenda, taking on race and culture in Who in ways which are still quite new to that fandom.  And given the heft of talent involved, I should think it's a brilliantly entertaining read.  But the main reason I want to bring it to your attention is that my wife Caroline Symcox also has an essay in there, on spirituality in Season Eleven.  The books is released in Britain on 13th November, and you can pre-order it here.

We are, as we speak, still waiting for Spud to arrive.  Caroline could go into labour at any moment.  The nursery is prepared (with Winnie the Pooh prints on the walls), a supply of jelly babies (ironically the best labour food, we're told) has been bought, but we still haven't actually packed our bags.  I think we'd better get to that today.

The great fantasy artist Anne Sudworth, one of whose paintings adorns our lounge, has a London exhibition coming up, from 16th-20th October at the SW1 Gallery.

And the Hugo Award-winning John Picacio now has an online shop where he's selling limited edition prints of his work, including his A Song of Ice and Fire calendar pieces.  (That's something else that adorns our wall.)

Talking of George R.R. Martin, he's just started a fundraiser for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, who stand up for free speech and free expression in the comics medium.  He's provided them with 100 hardcover copies of the Wild Cards collection Inside Straight, signed by himself and all my WC colleagues featured therein, to be offered to the first hundred donors offering $100 or more.  Great stuff.

There's an exclusive preview of Demon Knights #13, which is out next Wednesday, along with an... intriguing theory about the title at PopMatters.

And finally, here's that game update.  Quite a few of the players of our year-long prediction game realised what I hadn't, that the answer to our 'name someone who'll be mentioned in Warehouse 13' question would most probably be 'Tesla', given that that's the name of our heroes' weapons.  But fair enough, they have earned their point. (Though it was several episodes this year before the name was mentioned.)  Those players are: Matthew Hyde; psmithsonian; Uther Dean; Fizzle; Liz; LM Myles; NJ.  And so that leaves our league table looking like this:

L.M. Myles: 10

Fizzle: 9
Paul F: 9
Phil Hansen: 9
RHeitzmann: 9
Soru: 9

Liz: 8
Uther Dean: 8

B-Guymer: 7
Michael Lee: 7
Penny Heal and Jason Stevens: 7
Tom: 7

C.A. Young: 6
David Bishop: 6
Dean Hazell: 6
Matthew Hyde: 6
PSmithsonian: 6

Jennifer Kelley: 5
Nick Pheas: 5
Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre: 5

Ads: 3
James Fairlie: 3
Kendersule: 3
N.J.: 3
Run Iago: 3

Adam Short: 2
L.L.: 2

I didn't realise, when I started doing the maths for that, that it'd result in LM taking the lead as well as getting her book promoted, by I guess that's apt today.  Anyway, I'd better get back to baby watch.  Cheerio!

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  • Mike Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Any book that has the chapters "Barbara Wright and the Limits of Intervention" and "I Robot, You Sarah Jane: Sexual Politics in Robot" back to back that I find out about on payday gets pre-ordered immediately.

  • Paul Cornell Says: