A Blog for Halloween

Having baby Thomas in our lives continues to be a delight, albeit a delight that includes much poo.  Some exciting work things are happening too, but, being so pressed for time, I can't produce a lengthy blog.  However, three things do call for immediate attention.

Firstly, over at the website of my publishers, Tor, I've written a special blog for Halloween, entitled The Things That Really Scare Us, which tries to be a bit more serious than the average take on this festival.  I'd be interested to hear your own lists in the comments section over there.

My old friend, the great artist John Picacio has a Kickstarter project going, a 2012 calendar of his best work.  He's already two thirds of the way to his target, the price for just the calendar is very reasonable, and the extreme end of the perks gets truly epic.  Great Christmas presents there, I think.  Here's John to tell you about it...

And finally, Demon Knights after I've left looks awesome. Love that cover and the emphasis on the Horsewoman.

Now, I've got a bucket of sweets ready for trick or treaters, and will hopefully have Tom greet them at the door with a sudden stretch and his war cry of 'aiieee!'  He's going to be a little handful.  Cheerio!

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