Casual Fridays: The Book Delivery Dance

Again, not a very long post this week.  I'm working like nobody's business, and there are various things, the nature of which, dear reader, will eventually become clear to you, that keep me from spending too much time on the blog.  Every day this week, up until and including Wednesday, I read though 65 pages of copy edits on the novel, and, mainly in order to save time on a courier, but also for the joy of it, on Wednesday I took it in to deliver to my editor, Bella Pagan, at Tor Books, in person...

And then I did a little dance.  The Book Delivery Dance.

(Which got labelled on Twitter as having dodgy content!) You can see more from this encounter on the Tor Blog, and Mark Charan Newton's efforts to trump it using baked goods.

The novel is out in November, and as we get closer to the time, I suspect it'll become something I talk about more and more.  I did a single edit while on the train, actually, when I realised I'd told the same joke twice.  Most of the notes were about improving the clarity of the text through simple grammar and the placing of punctuation marks, though I did make some small rewrites as a result of queries like 'sense here?'  I learned a great deal from the process.

Apart from that, this week I've been writing Saucer Country, Hamilton, and various short stories that I've had commissioned but can't tell you about as yet.

Speaking of Saucer Country, on Wednesday, Vertigo launched their new free app, which SC will be available on from its release date, next Wednesday.  I contributed in a small way to this story about that launch, and the raft of new books the imprint is releasing, at the Huffington Post.

And there's an interview with me about the title up at Broken Frontier.

And a really in-depth piece about SC and a lot of my other work here at Bookslut.

And there's a four page preview of Demon Knights #7, which is also out next Wednesday, here.

I did a few interviews at the London Super Comic Con, including this one on audio for Orbital Comics, and this one for Eincomicleben...

Behind the Sofa is a collection of the Doctor Who memories of over 100 people, including celebrities and contributors to the show, myself included. All proceeds go to Alzheimer's Research UK. The limited edition hardback is now sold out, but you can still order the ebook version, or any of a number of luxury editions.

And on the wonderful Doctor Her blog, I really liked this piece about Bernice Summerfield.

I'll be blogging about Saucer Country in detail on Wednesday, when the first issue is released.  My favourite music today is a bit of an oddity.  But I'm determined to share the stuff I love that isn't just what might make me look cool.  There are some wonderful things, strangely enough, in the back catalogue of Right Said Fred.  The strengths of this song, 'A Love For All Seasons' aren't really played up to in a video which seems to have decided its main task is to demonstrate that not all the band are gay.  I love how a wistful atmosphere is conjured up.  And Richard Fairbrass has an excellent voice.  I make no apology.

Today I've mostly spent working with an old friend on that secret project in a new medium I can't talk about yet.  But much coolness is happening behind the scenes, and I'll be able to share some of it with you soon.  One day you'll understand my time management issues.  In the meantime, Cheerio!

3 Response to "Casual Fridays: The Book Delivery Dance"

  • Emma Newman Says:

    I'd love to take a look at Saucer Country, but I live in deepest darkest Somerset and don't know where any comic shops are in striking distance. Where could I order a copy or download one online? Sorry if it's actually obvious, but I've never dipped into new comics, so I'm uncertain of where to go. Em x

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, Emma! To buy one online from next Wednesday (probably from around 6pm), check out Comixology, Graphicly, or the new Vertigo app on your Mac device. It's all very easy and you can just buy the one thing. I'll be going into some more detail on the blog on Wednesday. Let me know how you get on!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Oh, and by a week on Friday, please!