Superior Kapow

At the Kapow Comic Convention in London this year I was pleased to be able to take part in two Guinness World Record attempts, for Most Contributors To A Comic Book and Fastest Production Of A Comic Book, and now the results have appeared, in the form of the Superior Kapow World Record Special #1.

The comic, put together (in less than twelve hours) and plotted by Mark Millar, features the work of Dave Gibbons, John Romita Jr., Frank Quitely, David Lloyd, Jock and many more. All proceeds go to the Yorkhill Sick Children's Hospital in Scotland, so be sure to pick up a copy from your comic shop this week. It's a limited edition of 10,000 copies, so they'll be going fast. (The smartarse internet meme about that is to say 'oh, but that limits the amount of cash raised', but actually an unlimited edition would be regarded by comic shop owners as much less valuable, and might not have sold 10K. I think that number's been carefully decided upon.)

The Stephen Baxter interview went very well, I thought, with a packed upstairs room at the Antelope, and Stephen seemed pleased. It's been recorded, so I hope to present it to you all at some point in the future. Cheerio!

George R.R. Martin on the SF Squeecast

You know me, Elizabeth Bear, Seanan McGuire, Lynne Thomas and Cat Valente do this regular podcast, called The SF Squeecast? (There's a link on the right.) It's kind of like show and tell, where we each bring an SF/Fantasy text along and talk about how wonderful it is. Well, every now and then we have a special guest, in this case very special, because, talking about the works of Jack Vance, and then being asked our usual list of insane questions, it's George R.R. Martin!

Now, having five of us on a podcast is always a test of our engineer Carole's art, but George's phone connection stretched her to the limit, so there are a few sound hiccups here and there, but it's still all perfectly clear and lovely. So what further incentive do you need? (Oh, I'm talking about The Outer Limits, and the others bring to the table Dark City, The Tenth Kingdom and Medea the Sorceress.) Pop along to The SF Squeecast and tell everyone! Cheerio!

Love and War

Next year will be the twentieth anniversary of the first appearance of Bernice Summerfield, in the pages of the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Love and War, by me. It amazes me that she's kept going ever since, in books and audios. So now Big Finish are planning to go back to the start, with a new, full-cast, audio adaptation of the book, by Jac Rayner. Benny couldn't be in better hands.

In other news, if you're in London next Wednesday (Nov 23rd, that auspicious day), you could do worse than pop along to see me interview Stephen Baxter, as one of the British Science Fiction Association's monthly free pub night and SF interview events. They're a great tradition, and a great way to join the SF community.

Demon Knights fans may want to take a look at Gone! Gone! The Form of Man! a new website dedicated to the title. Like all such attempts, it seeks a community. Drop in a comment and see if something can grow.

The great Ryan Kelly, who's drawing my upcoming title from Vertigo, Saucer Country, has just updated his blog with all sorts of sketches, including just a little teaser for the title.

And there are a couple of pieces of Wild Cards news. The very first volume in the series is now available as an audiobook from Brilliance, with the second, Aces High, out on December 20th, the same day it's reissued in print by Tor.

And, only for readers in the USA, I'm afraid, ebooks of the first collection, Suicide Kings, Busted Flush and Inside Straight are now on offer for $2.99 each.


StarShipSofa Stories

I'm very pleased to have a tale in the new (third) volume of StarShipSofa Stories, the anthology associated with the podcast of the same name.

It's 'The Occurrence at Slocombe Priory', the M.R. James pastiche I've read out at a few conventions. Glad it's finally found a home. I share the book with such luminaries as Joe Haldeman, Cat Valente, Kevin J. Anderson, Tad Williams and David Brin. It's available in a range of editions, from the ebook at £2.99 to the single, one of a kind proof edition at £15o! (There are paperbacks and things in the middle.) Do take a look here.

And meanwhile, Tom Crielly, the artist who illustrated my story, shows off said artwork here on the collective blog he shares with my friend Gary Erskine and other Scottish comic artists. He has a contest also.

I hope to see some of you at the Fortean Times Unconvention tomorrow, which I'm going along to as a punter (and to the pub quiz afterwards). It was Caroline's birthday today, and she's spent all her free moments playing Skyrim. The Unconvention means I won't get my hands on it until Monday, so bah. Cheerio!

Demon Knights Interview/Bristol Podcast

Just too late to get into yesterday's blog, the inestimable Vaneta Rogers did this interview with me about where Demon Knights is and where it's going. Many hints dropped. It's been great to see so many positive reviews of the new issue online. Thanks very much everyone.

And for those of you who missed Bristolcon (and you really should try it next year, it gets exponentially bigger and more fun every time), one of the panels I was on, where us authors speak up for books we like, is now available in the form of a podcast. I speak up for Christopher Priest's A Dream of Wessex against John Meaney, Steve Westcott, Dolly Garland and Bob Neilson.

Until next time, Cheerio!

Demon Knights #3 Today!

What a lovely day! What a lovely day to purchase Demon Knights #3, either at your comic shop, or, from 6pm UK time, digitally! We're all very proud of this one, especially the ending, which leads into the rather special #4, our Shining Knight issue. I've been loving all the good reviews. It's a privilege to be working with this highly talented team.

You can see a five page preview of the lovely Dio art (and that brilliantly blue cover) along with previews of many other DC titles out today here.

If you're in London on November 23rd, why not experience the regularly-scheduled joy of the British Science Fiction Association's meetings-with-guests? They're free, they're upstairs in a pub, and at this one I'll be interviewing the great SF author (and Doctor Who fan, on this auspicious date) Stephen Baxter.

Saucer Country Interview

We went to Distant Worlds, the Final Fantasy concert at the Royal Albert Hall last night, and it was brilliant. That young audience had such an emotional connection to the pieces. When classical music was originally performed, the audience shared in the audio emotional lexicon of it: they shared in collective responses to the associations of a particular theme, and would thus applaud and cheer during the performance. This was like that, with well-loved tracks met with gasps and cries. Charming game play as well as cut scenes was shown on the screens during. And you've got to love a composer who writes an opera suite that he knows is originally going to be performed as a series of bleeps on an ancient sound card. Great stuff. And they're coming back next year.

I've been talking recently about Saucer Country, my forthcoming Vertigo comic title with Ryan Kelly, and getting some lovely (and scary) pages from it in my inbox. This is the chance for me to tell a story that's been in my head for decades. I'm a Fortean about the whole UFO myth. I prefer to watch with interest rather than by it. But I think there's something to it. I just don't know what. I do, however, find all the many byways of it fascinating, and I know this stuff inside out.

In other news, I'm featured in the latest issue of the amazingly well-crafted Doctor Who Magazine fanzine Vworp Vworp, which will be available soon and thoroughly deserves your attention.

And it was very kind of Grant Morrison, when interviewed to pick Demon Knights as the DC title everyone should read.

We're recording the Christmas edition of the SF Squeecast tonight. Bit difficult to get festive this early, but the audience is depending on me, so I may try to find some eggnog. Cheerio!

Stormwatch Day

Stormwatch #3 should be in your comic shops today, and available digitally from 7pm GMT. I did a (very fun to record) interview about it with the delightful Vaneta Rogers, and you can find the third and final part of my roundtable interview on all things dark and spooky with many of my fellow DC writers here.

I'm sorry to announce that I won't, after all, be coming along to Thought Bubble this year, due to unforeseen circumstances. I hope you all have a good time, and hope to return in 2012. Cheerio!