Love and War

Next year will be the twentieth anniversary of the first appearance of Bernice Summerfield, in the pages of the Doctor Who New Adventures novel Love and War, by me. It amazes me that she's kept going ever since, in books and audios. So now Big Finish are planning to go back to the start, with a new, full-cast, audio adaptation of the book, by Jac Rayner. Benny couldn't be in better hands.

In other news, if you're in London next Wednesday (Nov 23rd, that auspicious day), you could do worse than pop along to see me interview Stephen Baxter, as one of the British Science Fiction Association's monthly free pub night and SF interview events. They're a great tradition, and a great way to join the SF community.

Demon Knights fans may want to take a look at Gone! Gone! The Form of Man! a new website dedicated to the title. Like all such attempts, it seeks a community. Drop in a comment and see if something can grow.

The great Ryan Kelly, who's drawing my upcoming title from Vertigo, Saucer Country, has just updated his blog with all sorts of sketches, including just a little teaser for the title.

And there are a couple of pieces of Wild Cards news. The very first volume in the series is now available as an audiobook from Brilliance, with the second, Aces High, out on December 20th, the same day it's reissued in print by Tor.

And, only for readers in the USA, I'm afraid, ebooks of the first collection, Suicide Kings, Busted Flush and Inside Straight are now on offer for $2.99 each.


14 Response to "Love and War"

  • NickPheas Says:

    Do you have any influence with the people who talk to the people who come up with these US only deals?

    I would totally buy the Wild Cards 1 ebook - I have the original paperback, I've been holding off buying the TPB for three new stories, this seems the right kind of price. But I can't.

    I can't even buy a Kindle edition from Amazon UK.

    Just driving the long term fans to the torrent sites.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Well, as an author, no, not really. I appreciate your difficulty, but the line about 'driving people to the torrent sites' makes me angry. Like you not having any luxury item might 'drive you' to steal one. Don't assume that's a natural instinct for all the law-abiding book fans out there.

  • DanielW Says:

    Not to make you feel old Paul, but Love and War getting audioified makes me feel like I'm nine again and reading all about the original Love and War and Benny in DWM.

    Did you have any idea when you and the others were creating a new companion for the novels she'd have the staying power she's had?

  • Bret M. Herholz Says:

    A great character always stands the test of time. And Benny is one of them.

    Any idea if this will be a Benny standalone or will be Benny with the Seventh Doctor?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Daniel: honestly, no, it continues to amaze me. Bret: this'll be the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Benny, all played by the originals.

  • pbristow Says:

    Utterly delighted by the news of "Love and War" on audio. It's a definitive "Who" adventure, even with it's flaws, mainly 'cos, you know... *BENNY!!!!*

    Hoothi? Weethi! And weethie *GOOD*! Wiv da GNOTS and evrifing. [NODS]

  • timdalton007 Says:

    Exciting news! Sad to hear you won't be doing the adaptation but with Jacqueline Rayner doing it I'm sure it's in safe hands! Can't wait for next October to get here now.

  • Mags Says:

    Oops - wish I'd spotted this before agreeing drinks with colleagues in Camden that night!

  • NickPheas Says:

    sorry, that came over far to agressive and entitled didn't it.

    legal sales channels help keep things straight was what i was inarticulately trying to say

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, all. It took me ages to work out what you meant Mags, but I see, it's the Wednesday Baxter thing, not the release of Love and War that's concerning you! And that's very kind of you, Nick. The internet could do with more people reconsidering like that. Cheers.

  • peeeeeeet Says:

    Love and War's my favourite of your Who work, so this is going to be a must-have. And it's reminded me that I always pictured Phaedrus as being played by Peter Miles...

  • The Browncoat Cat Says:

    I remember at the time being thoroughly bored with the character of Ace, and was glad of the change.Twenty years. Really, that long ago.
    It doesn't feel like twenty years, but its eight years since the 2003 announcement that Doctor Who would be going back into production was made, so time is flying on.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    It is indeed!