Saucer Country

As revealed today at the New York Comic Con, I'm writing a new ongoing series for Vertigo, DC's mature readers line. It's being drawn by the amazing Ryan Kelly, whose promo image this is:

It's called Saucer Country.

It's about Arcadia Alvarado, the Governor of New Mexico, who, on the eve of announcing that she's running for President... is 'abducted by aliens'.

Those speechmarks are because she's not exactly sure what happened. But she's going to use all her staff and resources to find out. What happened to her might also be a threat to US security.

It's The West Wing does The X-Files.

Saucer Country is a trip through UFO mythology, a subject I've always been fascinated with. It's a dark, suspenseful, serious thriller with, I hope, some warm, very human characters at the heart of it. Between arcs that feature Arcadia and her staff venturing into the murky worlds of flying saucer lore, we'll be featuring one-off 'true story' issues, a short version of which already appeared in the Strange Adventures one shot earlier this year.

Saucer Country starts in early 2012. Do look out for it. Cheerio!

15 Response to "Saucer Country"

  • John O Says:

    Ryan Kelly!!!!
    Effing awesome.

  • Matt Linton Says:

    Sounds very cool. Will this be day/date on Comixology?

  • Anonymous Says:

    do you know that New Mexico actually has a female latino govenor? Her name is Susana Martinaz. I do not think that she has been abducted by aliens though.LOL

  • Copyboy Says:

    Congrats!!! Well deserved! Love your books!!! BTW...I made you new blog of the day.

    Also if you're interested I'd love to feature any of your projects on my other site as well –

  • Anonymous Says:

    Sounds very cool. I loved West Wing, but never imagined anything with that flavor in comics. And X-Files was great too. I'm particularly glad this is for Vertigo. When I saw that you were going to be announcing a new project, I was afraid you might be the high-profile 52 creator rumored (by BleedingCool) to be going over to Marvel. And I really want you to keep Stormwatch and Demon Knights going for a long time.

  • D.D. Heal Says:

    You've been waiting a long time to do this project, haven't you?

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, everyone. I'm very psyched for this one. It starts in February, and since Vertigo are going same day digital before the end of the year, I guess it will be too. I do know of New Mexico's real life Governor, but we'll be taking pains to underline that Arcadia isn't that person. And indeed, D.D., this stuff has been a life-long fascination for me.

  • Steve Says:

    Sounds really good. Looking forward to reading some non superhero stuff from you.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you!

  • Korvin M Says:

    Dude, I don't know if you've read The Masks of Lucifer by David Morris. I found a copy in a Birmingham University dumpster (along with a lot of cultural studies classics). I'd recommend it, Morris started the book as an exploration of flying saucers as a cultural phenomenon, but soon had to extend his survey backwards to cover Blavatsky and Theosophy, as he sees the seeds of the culture being sown there. Very good on the distinction between a popular culture (like football) and a popularised culture (like the Archers, or Dr Who), he argues UFO culture belongs to the former category, and theorises saucers are a symbol both of apocalypse and redemption.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I haven't specifically read it, but I'm aware of the discussion. Theosophy is something I know in some depth, and is kind of the forgotten root (once enormous) of most modern occult culture. I shall have to take a look. Cheers.

  • Noah bar Morim Says:

    Paul, the series has been great so far! I think you might benefit from perusing a rather massive, free scrapbook titled 'Xt's UFO Scrapbook - A Case Repository from 3000 BCE to Present.' ( ) Whoever put it together seems to realize a lot of the drama that exists in the UFO subject has largely been political. In particular, I think it would be informative for you to check out the how Project Sign/Grudge/BlueBook lead to the 1958 McCormack UFO hearings, the 1966 River's Committee restricted Congressional hearings (inspired by Gerry Ford), the 1968 Congressional Roush Panel hearings, and all the way up to the 1997 closed door briefing given by the Disclosure Project through the support of the Laurance Rockefeller initiative. Then tie in the Robertson Panel, Carter's promise (see Larry Bryant's book -- UFO Politics at the White House), AFOSI's manipulation of Paul Bennewitz, how atmospheric physicist Dr. James E. McDonald was used as a political piƱata, and the Condon Committee and you have a very deep and real drama about the whole UFO quagmire. For bonus points allusions to the 1979 House of Lords Parliamentary Debates on UFOs and Admiral Lord Hill-Norton GCB's scathing remarks to Baroness Symons of Vernahm, would help to spice up and add a nice global feel to the narrative. Keep up the great writing!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks very much, and for that link, which is much appreciated. Exactly the sort of stuff I'm feeding into SC. Cheers.

  • Raphowl Says:

    Just read combined volume one - Run. Really enjoyed it, thanks. Hope this continues for a long time, lots of ongoing threads to resolve, and UFO history to go through.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thank you.