A Beard No More

It was with great relief that I shaved off that beard on Easter Sunday. Great relief, three razors, and a skin like I'd been grated. Here are the stages:

The beard on its last day (Day 47).

Looking scarily like my Dad, with a trimmed chin version. (The Brit Superman t-shirt was a gift from James Bacon, and, he says, available in high street shops.)

Just the rather louche moustache.

And this is me. The final total raised for Shelter was £1,602.28. You should all feel very proud of yourselves. That included £146 from the kind people at Eastercon (and thanks to Flick for doing the collecting at the auction), George Martin's lovely doubled contribution, and donations from Gideon Hallett, Matthew Hyde, Matthew Kilburn, the novelists Diana Rowland, Tricia Sullivan and Adam Christopher, Paul Cockburn, Stacey Frost, the SF editor Jo Fletcher, Madeleine Flint, Sarah Lovett and my fellow UK comicker Jamie McKelvie.

Thanks for all being so kind. I'm never going to do anything beard-related again. And now I'm going to go and eat some soup. Cheerio!

14 Response to "A Beard No More"

  • wishus Says:

    All power to you and your hair-growing abilities. Well done! Imagined you might have tried out more than just the one moustache style, though?

  • Flick Says:

    I only wrangled the money collection! Most of the actual work was done by two of the TAFF candidates, John Coxon and Liam Proven.

    (I am very glad we managed to raise the money, though!)

  • Nightsky Says:

    Gone, but forever in our memories^H nightmares.

  • Rosanna Says:

    Aw, I kinda liked the beard. However I'm glad I can't grow one. Not yet anyway, haha.


  • pbristow Says:







    Welcome back, mate. Don't ever do that again!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I wasn't really up for moustache experimentation while hacking my way through that lot. And thanks to them, then, Flick. And you know, Rosanna, you really should have a go. As long as I don't have to ever again.

  • Adam Christopher Says:

    £1600? Wow, that's a great result! Your suffering was not in vain.

    Although I must say I do quite like the Tom Selleck...

  • Mary Says:

    Congratulations! Hope you had a lovely holiday!

    Loved your comments in the interview today about Action #900. You, sir, understand Superman.

    Damon Lindelof? I was a huge fan of LOST and I admire him for his work with that show. But please keep that man far away from Superman. His comments today only enforced how little he understands him. It's people like him and that kind of completely misunderstanding of the character that ruins Superman.

    Your interpretation of Clark Kent? Spot on.

  • Ian Cullen Says:

    Congratulations on the money raised. Bet you're so relieved to get rid of the beard. You're a much braver man than I.

    Looking forward to Action 899 and 900, which I hope to have by weekend.

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    Thanks, Adam, and don't tempt me! Mary: well, we'll have to agree to differ, but thank you. Ian: ta!

  • Craig Says:

    Aha! It was you all along!

    Well done on the final total.

  • Anne Says:

    Whoa, you looked kind of like William H. Macy with that 'stache, man.

    Welcome back to your puckish smiling self!

  • Paul Cornell Says:

    I *think* that's a complement. Phew, anyway, it's all over now!